Supplementation For Martial Arts

We need to address some of the fundamental areas of martial arts that supplements can help improve. These are as follows:

Endurance and (to a lesser extent)

Although these can all be achieved with dedication and practise, there are certain supplements that can help immensely.

To begin with, technique: Although it is not possible to pop a pill and suddenly learn every necessary skill, it is possible to increase your focus thereby allowing you to grasp new techniques more quickly, or perfect them by repetition. There are 2 main competitors for top spot in this niche of the market. They are “Neurostim” by Scivation and “Clear Edge”. Neurostim contains a mixture of ALCAR Tyrosine Choline which increases concentration, memory and energy. They also seem to possess mood enhancing properties when taken together. The other constituents, DMAE Huperzine A and vinpocetine are there to improve blood flow to the brain to allow even better concentration.

Clear Edge contains a mix that is not far from neurostim, but contains the exciting new compound PLCAR. PLCAR appears to possess all the benefits of ALCAR but it appears to do them to a higher degree. It also appears to be more muscle-specific in its actions meaning even more energy.

For Endurance, I highly advocate “Body octane” by MAN. It is a combination of:

Citrulline, a lactic acid buffer and also increases the concentration of ATP in the muscle. ATP is the immediate fuel source in humans, and the more ATP you have, the faster you can run, or harder you can hit. It also speeds up the reformation of ATP from ADP which it is broken down to when used.

Histidine, a vasodilator. Histidine increases blood flow to muscles and allows you to remove more carbon dioxide from respiring tissues and get more oxygen to them when it’s needed. It also boosts levels of carnosine along with:

Beta alanine. Carnosine is a non essential amino acid that also increases endurance by buffering lactic acid. It is also a potent neural enhancer, so can help with focus also.

LCLT: Quite like ALCAR but not absorbed as well The effects are similar, but somewhat milder that ALCAR.

Also, it is vital go have a fast digesting carbohydrate in you while you fight. I would sip on a Shaker full of Xtreme formulations “Vendetta”. This provides all the simple energy providing carbs you need, and has a nice hit of Essential amino acids in there too. Sip on this between fights, ensuring you have a mouthful just before the fight.

As far as speed goes, Body octane would make a good job of increasing that also. A stack of Body octane and Creatine Ethyl Ester would be pretty much perfect for covering the 3 bases, speed, endurance and strength. We all know what creatine does, don’t we? For those for you that don’t, it increases cellular ATP concentrations (much more so than citrulline) although the 2 alone work synergistically. As I mentioned before, more ATP means more strength and more endurance. The “Ethyl Ester” form of creatine is more easily available to human tissues than normal creatine monohydrate, and furthermore does not cause any stomach discomfort.

In conclusion, to cover the speed, endurance and strength side of things, a combination of BSN NO Xplode And pure CEE: would be perfect. The dosages I advise are 2 servings of Body Octane per day, one 45-60 minutes pre training and one 8-12 hours apart from the other. On rest days simply use 2 scoops as far away from each other as possible. You should not take directly after a meal as it may slow absorption.

As far as the CEE goes you will want to be getting 3g a day. The best way I can think of to do this is to add 25 days worth to a bottle of body octane and shake like hell. That works out to 75g. Use slightly more than 1 scoop of this mixture to make up for the fact that there is CEE mixed in.

A simple carbohydrate drink like Vendetta can also prove useful if the task at hand is particularly gruelling.

For the focus side of things, although not as necessary as the above, I advise Neurostim or Clear Edge. Neurostim would probably be slightly superior, but if you want to save a little cash go for the clear edge. This will be the cream on the cake and allow you to train harder and become stronger and faster than ever before.

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