Supplements for Athletics - Müller Grand Prix

The Müller Grand Prix in Birmingham is part of as the prestigious 14-part IAAF Diamond League series building up to its two finals in Zurich and Brussels. Events include; track, shot put and pole vault. This stage of the Diamond Cup, taking place 18th August, is not to be missed!

To get into the spirit of the Grand Prix, we are going to discuss key supplements which we would recommend to any athletes training for similar sports.

Pre Event:

This depends largely on the nature of the event. As most require short, powerful bursts of energy, we can utilise the effects of caffeine to increase performance. Caffeine can; reduce fatigue, increase endorphins released during exercise and increase performance. Creatine is another excellent choice of energy supplement. Creatine helps our body to regenerate ATP, the energy source our muscles use for any high-intensity explosive exercise.While creatine does not work like a stimulant, and is suitable to be taken at any time of day, it is included in many pre-workouts for convenience.

PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT Perform is what we would recommend. Along with 100mg caffeine and 3 creatine, PhD have added beta alanine to help increase muscular endurance and a 2.6g per serving of Peak 02™, a new adaptogenic whole food linked with having a beneficial impact on improving peak power output during workouts, and anti-oxidant benefits, invaluable for athletes putting their bodies through high stress exercise.

During Event:

The main focus here should be on staying hydrated, especially when competing outside in summer.

Applied Nutrition Amino Hydrate combines BCAAs and electrolytes to sip intra-workout. You could add a carb powder to this in long training sessions leading up to the big day!

Post Event:

We would advise High5 Recovery Drink Sachets. These convenient sachets are perfect for outdoor events. Save time weighing out servings of powders and simply throw one of these into your training bag to take down to the track. A blend of whey protein isolate and high GI carbs from dextrose/maltodextrin, this is ideal to consume within the first hour of completing an event to replenish muscle glycogen and offset the recovery process. Available in 3 tasty flavours. Get yours here!

General Health:

PhD Nutrition Re-Inforce is an excellent choice for bone health, especially important for high impact sports. It contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin C. Supplementing chondroitin may block the enzymes which work to break down cartilage, whereas glucosamine works by decreasing the rate of degradation of collagen (joint tissue) and vitamin C helps to support collagen formation. The combination of the three results in an excellent formula to prevent injury!

Combine with fish oil/omega supplements for even more benefit!

About the Author

Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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