Supplements around a Cricket Match

The 2018 ICC Women's World Twenty20 will be hosted in the West Indies from 9 to 24 November 2018. One of the teams competing will be England, who are in group A, playing their first game 10th November against Sri Lanka.

Women's Twenty20 International (WT20I) is the shortest form of women's international cricket. Unlike other forms of cricket, which can last in excess of 6 hours, one game is played for a maximum of 150 minutes.


Daily Staples:

Creatine. Creatine boosts the ATP-PC system, the system used when almost instant, explosive energy is needed. Perfect for cricket. . Batsmen use the ATP-PC system in running between the wickets. A fielder would use this system when chasing down the ball in the outfield.

Reflex Nexgen Pro. The perfect all round support for athletes. Nexgen Pro contains a massive 33 active ingredients. One capsule, three times daily, will ensure that your brain, bones and muscles are primed for exercise performance and recovery.


Muscle Moose Moose Juice Energy Shot. These handy shots can be consumed before a game and in breaks. The energy boost they give is subtle, to avoid any crashes mid-game. They also contain B vitamins for normal energy metabolism.


PhD Nutrition Amino Drive. Amino drive, with 100mg caffeine and added vitamin C, is the perfect intra-workout drink for sustained energy. It will sit comfortably on the stomach, support focus and alertness and reduce lactic acid build up.


CNP Professional Pro Recover. A blend of quickly digested protein and carbs to replenish any depleted glycogen and begin the recovery process.

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Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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