Use These Two Supplements Together For A GREATER Pump....


Ever thought about combining two supplements together to give yourself a greater chance of succeeding during your training sessions? I'm not talking about protein but I am talking about amino acids and this combination is going to fire you right up. BCAAs are a staple in my supplement stack and I often refer to them both online and to people in person, do you use them? I will outline some of the benefits later in this post but for now, just know that they are a must buy to have with other supplements. Speaking of which, the other supplement you would use with this is L-Arginine, if you don't know about this supplement then you are in for a right treat....


During your weight lifting training sessions do you ever get the feeling that you transform into something else within 10 minutes of lifting some weights? You know what I mean, the moment the blood starts flowing and your body temperature starts to increase you notice that your muscles begin to look more pronounced. When this happens you will refer to it as the 'pump' and in every workout you will strive to chase it because it gives you the best feeling. When you are pumped you feel like you're having the best workout, and this is what you will feel when combining both of these together...

How It Works 

Basically without getting too technical branched chain amino acids are key players in allowing the muscles to contract that little bit more than without using them. The three ingredients of BCAAs help you to push further and harder while keeping fatigue at bay because of the effects leucine, IsoLeucine and Valine have on the body. What these also do is enhance protein synthesis which allows your muscles to grow even whilst you are breaking them down in the gym. Mix this with L Arginine, another amino acid and you get the perfect pre pump formula drink that will give you strength and energy you need for incredible sessions.


An amino acid that will vaso dilate the blood vessels allowing more blood to get to your muscles which in turn increases muscular contractions during your workout. When you  allow your muscles to fill up with more blood it simply means the pump is going to be bigger and greater and when this happens, you grow! It's as simple as that, providing of course you're lifting correctly to see the change.

Lift Heavier 

So the initial thought that might come into your head is that you will be able to lift heavier weights, and while this is true to some extent it's not the only advantage you will get from combining both of these. More energy means your stamina will increase, therefore your overall performance will increase too. This isn't just for those of you who want to weight train, it can help those of you who are endurance athletes and want to get a faster time in a race.

Go ahead and check these products out on our site and use them as directed, you will not be disappointed in them. As always, this is tried and tested with myself, I use them and see great results, you are likely too as well :)

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