Why Are Supplements So Popular?

Why Are Supplements So Popular?

The unprecedented rise and rise of the supplement world is as well founded as it is useful. This is for many reasons which are well justified, however it also comes with risks demanding due care and attention from the consumer!

Whole foods are by far the most effective form of nutrition and should always be your first port of call for nourishment. However there are occasions when whole foods either aren’t convenient or appropriate e.g. no one wants to be eating a piece of fruit during a run for vitamin and mineral replenishment, likewise you should avoid eating a chicken breast during your training session to stave off muscle catabolism! The consumption of whole foods before or during training has several negative effects. First and foremost you’ll find the activity will play havoc on your stomach, meaning you might be seeing that food again sooner than you think! Also the presence of food in the stomach causes a preferential shunt of blood (and thus oxygen) from the muscles to your stomach, hindering your training capacity.

This is where supplements come in, particularly the liquid variety…Liquid nutrition is the most readily absorbed form of nutrition and is one of the reasons whey protein is so popular in the post-training anabolic window (30-60mins after training). Whey protein shakes are in a relatively pre-digested form so they digest and absorb at a far greater rate than whole food. Try having a whey, egg, soya, pea or hemp protein shake approx 30-60mins prior to, and within 30mins after training, this is known as ‘Book ending’.

Give it a try and see the results for yourself.

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