Surprising Sources Of Protein You Might Have Overlooked

If I lined up 10 people and asked them to name a source of protein what do you think would be the common answer? I think answers would be along the lines of chicken, beef, eggs and other meat or diary products. Did you know however that foods like sunflower seeds, quinoa, cottage cheese and oats contain good amounts of protein per 100g serving. To put it in perspective, 100g of chicken breast offers 22g of protein which is a great amount. Comparing this to other foods which are plant based for instance, you can still get a good amount of protein which will meet your requirements. Check out the list below and be sure to fulfill your protein needs in other ways :)

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  • Jon

    Why isn't Hemp seed on this list? its full of amino acids and is one of the top protein sources, very high in fibre, great addition to any diet.

    Do an article on Hemp seeds please? :D

    • Scott Riches
      December 4, 2013 Scott Riches

      Great shout Jon, there are lots of others I missed off the list but I wanted people to get a feel of common foods they can include in their diet and still meet their protein requirements. Thanks for the comment :)

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