Sustained Release BCAAs : The Next BIG Thing In Sports Nutrition?


Health and Sports Nutrition Supplements are enjoying a BOOM in terms of popularity and sales. Although many might argue that sports supplements are fine as they are, that’s simply not the way us humans work… and thank goodness for that!

Muscle building supplements such as protein and the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are some of the most popular supplements on the market (maybe just behind vitamin and mineral supplements). Whether it be physical or emotional, performance optimisation is always at the top of peoples list, so it makes sense that new product development is as big as it is right now.

The BCAA supplement is finally getting the recognition it deserves within the performance optimisation and bodybuilding community. The science fully supports its application and accepts that its benefit is cumulative when combined with protein i.e. BCAAs and whey protein (for example) produce better results when taken during and after exercise respectively. It’s no surprise that BCAAs have such a benefit on the preservation and recovery of lean muscle tissue when you consider that BCAAs account for 35% of your vitally important essential amino acids and approx. 15% of the total amino acids in your skeletal muscle (biceps, quads etc).

Nutraingredients, (2015) explain how exercise consumes your muscles BCAA stores quicker than you can replace them, consequently we become in negative amino acid balance resulting in muscle catabolism (breakdown). Naturally we want to reduce muscle breakdown as best we can, so a company called innoBio have looked into a way that we can maximise the release of BCAAs into the body during exercise so that we get a slow drip feed of the good stuff!

Sustained release BCAAs 

innoBio have ingeniously developed something called micro-encapsulation technology which, and I quote, ‘introduces a new era of instantised BCAA product possibilities’. Micro-encapsulation slows the release of BCAAs into the blood stream meaning you get a steady, sustained drip feed of amino acids throughout your training session. The slower release also enhances the rate of absorption and limits wasteful excretion.

Although current BCAA supplements work perfectly well, there is always scope for improvement, and it looks like this may well be it! In the meantime though, be sure to get your BCAA Supplement in approx. 15-20mins before your workout whilst ensuring you have enough to keep you going throughout the session too. Follow this with a good Whey Protein supplement in order to kick start your anabolic (growth and recovery) phase.

As a forward thinking company, we owe it to you to keep you in the loop of ongoing developments in the sports nutrition and supplement world. So watch this space!

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