Make The Switch From White To Brown

How many of you want to lose weight, feel better and look better? How many of you want to have more energy and feel more awake through the whole day? Finally, how many of you reading this want to improve your general fitness and make the most out of your workouts? If you answered yes to one or many of these questions then here is your free ticket to improving and achieving these goals of yours. If your diet includes lots of fast releasing foods such as white rice, potatoes, white pasta, white bread and so on then you need to make the switch. Here is why

Why It's Important To Switch? 

First of all, white rice, white pasta and other foods similar to this make up have their own role within diet, but having these foods on a regular basis could be doing more harm than good. This is because these types of foods are fast releasing in energy and often referred to as high on the glycemix index. Foods like white rice, white pasta, white bread, potatoes etc are refined and this means they are stripped of their nutritional value. Once they are consumed because they are not very dense in nutritional value they are released quickly throughout the body. Not such a good idea if you are eating these foods and then not expending the energy that they will release throughout the body. Think about it like this, if your body consumes food that releases quickly into your system without your body NEEDING it, then you are going to be left with unwanted energy being left in the body.

What Happens When You Eat These Foods?

What happens if you do not use the energy from eating these fast releasing foods? The dreaded fat storage will occur and you do not want this to happen. So this means choosing when you have these foods and being smarter with your choices. If it is the middle of the day and you are eating white rice knowing you have another 5 hours left at your desk, choose an alternative. How many of you when you eat something like white rice accompanied with other foods then have a crash on your body? By this I mean you will eat these foods and within 30 minutes you will feel tired and sluggish. If you are then this is what is known as the 'crash' and your body has basically had too many carbohydrates for what it needs. It also means that your body has had to shift more blood to the stomach area to digest the food and this could leave you feeling tired.

What Foods Should You Eat? 

The next time you go to the supermarket opt for slow release foods instead of the quick release ones. So this means switching the white rice, white bread, white pasta etc for brown and wholemeal foods. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, brown pasta and brown bread are all great substitutes. These types of foods are slow release which means it will give you steady energy throughout the day and will help with fat loss and keeping you mentally stable throughout the day. If fat loss is a big goal for you then staying in a steady energy balance is very important to prevent any abnormal peaks and troughs.

When Can I Eat White Rice, White Pasta etc?? 

The best times to eat these foods are times when you are going to use the energy and need a boost. For instance, before a training session would be ideal, however remember these types of foods aren't nutritionally dense. So although you will get a surge of energy it may not last for very long. A long distance run or a 90 minute game of football may leave you feeling tired and fatigued towards the end of it. The same theory applies before going to bed. Do you need a meal filled with fast releasing energy before bed when you are going to be sedentary? No would be the answer to that one. So you need to make smart choices and recognise when will be the best time to have these foods and when it isn't such a good idea.

Final Advice

To maximise the release of the foods it is best to have carbohydrates with protein and fats. This will slow the rate at which the food is digested and therefore release the energy slower throughout your day. For some of you, you may just have white pasta on it's own but having a protein source and fat source with it will excrete energy better throughout the day. Have slow release foods 1-2 hours before a workout so that during your session you will have a good, endless source of energy that will result in a better training session.

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