What it takes to compete - by Amy Ferguson

You probably see it all over social media- the bikini, the tupperware and the ridiculous tan and think who on earth would be crazy enough to put themselves through that. Well I am one of those crazy individuals.

When I first started weight training I needed a goal, so I enlisted two of the top coaches based at The Strength and Conditioning Institute in Kent and I have never looked back. In the past four years I have competed in two competitions and I am about to start prepping for the UKBFF and Pure Elite shows this autumn.

Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about competing:

  • Be prepared to be disciplined - you have to fully commit to your training and diet for a minimum of 12 weeks. For some this can be too much.
  • Be prepared to make sacrifices- social gatherings can prove difficult when you have to bring your Tupperware everywhere.
  • Relationships can be put under strain - you will be tired and hungry so you will need a good support system around you.
  • You need to make sure that you have a good coach, who does not put you through extreme dieting etc as this can have a negative effect on body image and your metabolism.
  • You must learn to treat your diet and training with the same importance as your job if you are going to make progress.

But it’s not all negative, there are many benefits to competing:

  • You will develop mental strength - I personally learnt how disciplined I can be if I put my mind to something and this is something that you can apply to other aspects of your life.
  • Self confidence - I made such a huge amount of progress which really helped my confidence.
  • Training techniques - I was lucky enough to have two amazing coaches who taught me a lot of techniques that I still use in my training.
  • It’s fun – seeing yourself transform daily gives you such a buzz that it becomes addictive.
  • You will get to pick a sparkly bikini and feel like a princess for the day.

I will be documenting my competition prep over on my social media so if you want to watch the laughs, tears and progress then follow me on:

Instagram and Snap chat - @fitfergo

Youtube will be coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

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About the Author

Amy is a qualified Personal Trainer who lives and breathes the fitness lifestyle. As an aspiring bikini competitor she is always testing new training and diet techniques, which she hopes to inspire you with. Studying towards completing her ACA academy qualification and looking to compete again in 2017, Amy is a great resource for quality information right here on the Discount Supplements BLOG.
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