Can We Target Fat Loss?

When it comes losing body fat many people tend to work out the area where they wish to lose body fat from…which kind of makes sense intuitively, but is that how the body works?

For example, most people want ripped abs, right? So what happens next? They work on their abs! Now although the intentions are good, will this help them get more defined abs? Or should they be focusing their efforts elsewhere for serious results?

Let’s explore this…

When It Comes to Making a Body Part Look More Defined We Really Have Two Options…

We can either:

  • Build the muscle
  • Lose body fat

Unfortunately doing crunches isn’t going to help us lose body fat around our abs…when we lose body fat it comes off from the whole body.
It may come off some parts quicker than others and some areas may not lose any body fat right away…however we can’t control that, it’s just the way it happens. However, does that mean doing crunches for abs won’t make a difference at all?
Well, there are two ways to make an area look more muscular or ‘defined’…we can BUILD the muscle so that the muscle (abs in this case) press against the skin more. We can also lose body fat overall so that the skin will press more against the muscle (provided the fat in that area decreases) making the area appear more defined. So, although we may not be able to target fat loss in certain areas, there are ways in which we can certainly make a difference!

So if you’re wanting to make you abs pop….don’t just work them in the gym, look to lose body fat too!
Conversely, don’t just eat less and do cardio…you need to work the abs too if you want to get them looking their best….just like every other body part.

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