Tea Could Increase Endurance During Exercise Through Burning Fat...Win Win!

Another good reason to have a nice hot cup of the green stuff!

Research suggests that tea (both green and black) promotes the metabolism of fat for energy! Fat has an Atwater value of 9kcal per gram meaning it has more than double the energy of carbohydrate and protein gram for gram. Therefore burning fat (despite it not being your bodies preferred energy source) for energy could yield more energy when training, preserving glycogen stores, enhancing endurance and promoting fat loss!

The caffeine content of tea could also tune you in for your session…just be aware not to consume tea within 30mins after a meal as the tannins it contains inhibits the absorption of iron. Amongst other nutritional implications, a lack of iron could reduce your energy for your next training session as it is a key component of haemoglobin, the transporter that delivers oxygen around your body!


Resnick, M. (2005). Green tea extract boosts exercise endurance 8-24%, utilizing fat as energy source. American Physiological Society.

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