Team CNP Athlete Charlotte MacGill Interview

Talk us through a quick overview of your competing history to date?

  • I started competing in May 2012 winning the NABBA North West Toned Figure. This gave me the bug for competing and I have since gone on to win the Miss UK, Miss England, Miss Britain and Miss Universe titles within the Toned Figure category. I have recently also become Miss UK Athletic Figure.

You were recently moved from Toned to Trained at the NABBA Universe. Coming away from the show how did you then re-evaluate and make plans for the future?

  • At this year’s NABBA Universe I was moved into trained Figure category due to there being no Athletic Figure class yet in the Universe. I had been working hard for 18 months towards this competition and was exciting to come back with a new look as had always wanted to improve my physique and gain more muscle but what I didn't realise is that I had become too muscular for the Toned Figure criteria I was competing in. I was initially shocked and I didn't feel confident I could stand up there with the Trained Figure girls as this was really 2 classes up from what I had aimed for. After some thought and advice from my friends, family and judges I got up there and did my thing. I didn't place which I didn't expect to, I just wanted to enjoy the day. It wasn't until afterwards when I saw pictures of myself on stage that I realised I had changed a lot and maybe this decision was a blessing in disguise for me. Funnily enough the morning of the show I was complaining I hadn't changed or made any improvements compared to my last showing!! It just shows how much you don't really see yourself like others do. I then went away and read up on the Athletic Figure Criteria and spoke to some judges who advised this may be the route for me now. Funnily enough as soon as I read the criteria I felt like this class was for me! All I had to do now was get leaner and learn some new poses!! I have always wanted to be more muscular than I was when I last competed so to move on into the Athletic Figure class seemed like the right thing to do!

Having made the decision to compete again at the NABBA UK how did you adapt your nutrition and training to support your move to the Athletic class?

  • The following week after the NABBA Universe was the NABBA UK competition in which they have the Athletic Figure Class. So even though I had planned Cadbury Worlds and Alton Towers that week I managed to knuckle down and drop 8lbs in that week to make the required criteria for the class. I loved this look and was so happy to see my abs so defined!! It was a hard week which required more cardio, training all body parts within 3 days, working full time and low carbs but it wasn't long before I was up there again and it would all be worth it.

What supplements do you think where crucial in supporting the improvements you have made this year leading up to your recent 1st place at the NABBA UK?

  • The supplements I have used have been the same since day one of my competing career! Those vital for me are the CNP Pro Peptide currently addicted to cherry bakewell flavour in my oats, CNP Pro Recover after every work out with chocolate being my fave, Pro Dessert for every evening treat (chocolate again), Pro CLA, Pro Greens, Pro Omega, and Pro Lean. These supplements have been staple in my diet off season and in season, it's just about being consistent. Eating a good diet to add to the training and supplements will achieve results with hard work, determination and consistency. The only thing that I would say is a newer addition is the ProTect capsules which have been great for injury prevention along the way! My tendon niggles, aches and pains have massively reduced with this natural anti-inflammatory product!!

We have seen you rise to success in the Toned Figure category.What can we expect from Charlotte in the next couple of years to come, should we be expecting something new, bigger and better?

  • I have always trained heavy with low reps and over time that will achieve results and muscle gain, you just have to be patient. As I have managed to progressively add muscle to my frame and my metabolism has got better and better this year I managed to diet on much more calories that I have in the past which made my prep much more enjoyable. Having a good 18 months away from dieting allowed me more time to gain muscle. It's sometimes hard to step away from competing when you get the bug but in order for me to improve I needed a break and also time with family and friends. I think it brings more focus for when you do come back to dieting for a show. Your motivated and driven knowing you've improved and you are ready to diet and shed some body fat to see what's under there! Initially after this year’s Universe I didn't have a plan for what was next for me! I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself when it came to future competitions. It was also time for my partner John Ramsay to get up there in the year to follow and do his thing but I've now been given a new pathway to go down since winning the NABBA UK Athletic Figure which has now qualified me for the NABBA Britain in June. If I can make top 6 in that then there may be the opportunity to compete in the NABBA Universe as there is the possibility it will be its first time held in the Universe next year. That would be a dream! Looks like me and John Ramsay will be prepping together which is always a help! So here is to my new look!! I personally feel I have reached the size I would like to be but if I can fine tune it and improve certain areas for next year it will be even better!

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