The Theory Behind The Alkaline Diet: Balancing Body pH For Effective Weight Management

The alkaline diet is one of the latest Hollywood diet trends with a celebrity fan base of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham. Usually fad diets are not worth talking about because they cut out a crazy amount of calories and macronutrient food groups which has a negative impact on health. While the alkaline diet follows a similar pattern, it is based on promoting health and not inducing rapid weight loss at any cost.

The body is naturally alkaline and it is the chemical reactions within the body which produce acid. Too much acid stresses the digestive system which in turn causes undesirable effects throughout the body including reducing metabolic rate and inducing fatigue. The theory behind the alkaline diet is that ingesting certain foods increases the likelihood of excess acid production and can cause the body to release vital minerals from the healthy foods we eat in order to buffer the acidity. By focusing on consuming alkaline foods, the diet is said to increase energy levels, improve memory, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and prevent painful gastric upset.

Foods which are not permitted on the alkaline diet include starchy grains, pasta, dairy, beans, fish and the majority of meat (if animals are grain fed). As with the majority of healthy lifestyles, fizzy drinks, alcohol and coffee are off the menu. The way in which meals are prepared also comes into play as cooking can alter the pH of foods. Therefore, those on the alkaline diet are encouraged to eat vegetables raw or lightly steamed where possible.

The total exclusion of any food group (e.g dairy) is never advisable and can result in deficiencies, the most common of which is iron. Beetroot, sweet potato, mung beans and walnut can reduce acid levels in the body but there is no strong evidence that a strict alkaline diet has any health benefits.

By sticking to a balanced, healthy lifestyle and avoiding empty calorie foods which provide little nutrient value it is possible to maintain an optimal body pH balance. Supplementing with Udos Choice Beyond Greenswill help to balance body pH without the need to follow a restrictive diet. Reducing acidity levels can prevent muscle loss which helps to maintain metabolic rate. This supports weight loss and development of a lean physique.

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