Get Your Ticket For The Gun Show And Earn Your VIP Status : Biceps Explained

This is your official ticket to the gun show. I am going to give you the best tips on how to train your biceps, here is the low down. Possibly the most worked muscle within the body is the biceps. Everyone wants to have a good set of them and naturally they will be worked at least twice a week by certain people. Good or bad, you can’t argue that most of the time, guys will be doing a bicep curl. Now, this article isn't just aimed at the guys, girls you can perform bicep curls too and have your very own gun show.

If you want to gain good, lean muscle on your biceps then an ideal rep range is anything from 6 reps to 12. I recommend performing this over 3-4 sets. Make sure the repetitions you are performing are controlled and you are really squeezing the bicep muscles to reach the full benefits of each exercise. Remember, you want to feel the burn and really embrace this feeling. This burning sensation means you are working the muscle under tension and it will hopefully grow bigger and stronger. Be sure to keep your back rigid whilst performing any exercises standing up. It is very easy to sway and use the back muscles to get you through each repetition. By keeping your elbows tucked in and staying strict on your technique, you will grow more defined bicep muscles. Don't worry about the weight you are lifting either. It is much better for you to lift a smaller weight and keep the technique perfect than it is to go for a really heavy weight and have your technique spoilt. After all, technique is so important when it comes to building defined, toned muscles.

The biceps consist of 2 muscles, hence the name bi-ceps. The two muscles are divided into a short head and a long head. Some people may be able to see the split between both muscles depending on the level of body fat. The short head is on the inside of the arm, closest to the chest muscles. The long head forms the outside of the arm. There is also a muscle called the brachialis which forms part of the outside of the arm too. I will tell you how you can work these muscles with different exercises.

Here are the 4 exercises I want you to perform that will help grow your biceps.... Remember you are going to perform between 6-12 reps and 3-4 sets.

Exercise 1 – Olympic Barbell Curl (Wide Grip)

Standing with an Olympic barbell, have a wide grip so that it works the small head bicep.

Exercise 2 – Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Seated on a bench. Perform alternate hammer curls with dumbbells. Take hold of the weight and keep the knuckles facings outwards.

Exercise 3 – Reverse Preacher Curl

Standing. Take an overhand wide grip. Curl the EZ bar towards your upper chest. Curling this way will work your braichalis mucsle.

Exercise 4 – Seated twisted bicep curl

Seated on a bench. Use the dumbbells and twist them at the top of the curl. Make sure your small finger twists so that it is higher than the thumb. When you emphasise on the twist you will work the inner bicep again.

As you can see from the exercises, most of them are working the inner head. The short bicep. This is because when we train our back muscles we work the longer head and the shorter head is neglected. To gain a full bicep peak and to work the whole muscle it is important to work the whole area.

So follow these steps to get you ticket to the gun show. If you want to go one step further and get your VIP ticket then you are going to need to replenish with using a whey protein shake. Use a whey protein shake immediately after your workout to give you that VIP status.

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