Is It Time For You To Have A DeLoad Week?

Are you a religious gym goer and exercise frequently over the course of seven days? Do you lift heavy weights and push yourself to your limits each time you go? Working out often and pushing your limits is great because it makes you a stronger person, pushes you mentally and you reach new highs in your workouts. How do you know though when you might need a bit of a break or some rest days? Do you give yourself a rest day in the week or do you workout 365 days a year? Forcing yourself to rest can be sometimes hard so why not go on a DeLoad week? Never heard of this, well read on to find out what this means and how you can include it into your weekly schedule...

DeLoad Week...

Probably doesn't take a genius to work out what this means just from the title itself, however to put it into it's simplest term, it means to go easy for the week. So many of us hammer our workouts, push ourselves to the maximum and although we eat well and get enough rest, sometimes the body just needs a bit more time to heal. So without having to give yourself lots of rest days, you can have what is called a deload week and the intensity of your sessions decrease along with the amount of weight you are lifting.

How Will Sessions Feel...

So the whole idea of this week is to give the body a rest but at the same time staying mobile with your exercises. This means that you can still perform the same exercises you would normally but with less intensity. Repetitions and sets may go up as the weight is lighter and you still want to push yourself slightly.

Your Muscles And Joints Need A Break..

Like I mentioned above, not every body part recovers at the same speed and time as the next, so this week where you give yourself some rest will help everything catch up. Your Central Nervous System, connective tissues and muscles all need time to heal and pounding away with heavy weights isn't going to do this. The DeLoad week however, will :)

Rest IS Good

Resting your body is a great thing and it mentally sets you up for your next challenge. You see when you include one of these weeks into your schedule you will noticeably have more energy and feel less tired because you are letting your body have the rest it needs. Some of us need this rest time and instead of doing absolutely nothing, you will still be in the gym but putting yourself through less intense sessions.

Who Should Unload

Well, in my opinion everyone should do this as after a while your body just needs a break from it. Now, many will argue and say that they will never take a deload week, yet have a list of niggles and injuries they would rather train through than rest. I can be guilty of this too as all you ever want to do is get your sessions in as they make you feel great. However, give yourself a week where you do not train with the same crazy intensity and instead you take it a bit easier, just for this week anyway :)

Still continue to eat well and take your supplements which aid in recovery. If you perform DeLoad weeks why not like, comment and share this post for others to see also .

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