No Time For The Gym? Don't Sweat It, Try This Instead....


So you don't have time in your day for the gym or you have been too busy with other things that now your gym is closed, but you really want to workout? So what do you do? Do you say to yourself that there is nothing else you can do because there is no gym or do you FIND a solution? The reason for this post is because this weekend I was house/dog sitting for a friend and there wasn't a gym close by (she lives out in the sticks). So instead of telling myself I couldn't workout because I didn't have a gym to go to, I made space within the home and got a workout in. Don't believe me? This is the space I had.....

Body Weight Workout

Some of you might turn your nose up at the thought of performing a body weight workout but the benefits of doing one still result in the same way as other workouts, you feel great after. This body weight workout that I performed had me sweating within the first exercise and that's because this is no easy workout. Don't be under the illusion that you only need to lift weights in order to get a good workout in, remember this workout is when you have no time for the gym or there is no access to one.

The Workout 

In this workout you are going to perform a grand total of 1000 repetitions by completing 10 exercises with 100 reps before moving onto the next exercise. So as you can already tell, this is not going to be an easy walk in the park workout and will require you to work just as hard as you would normally do, maybe even harder ;) So here it is ...

100 reps of Sumo Squats - Wide stance with weight planted into your heels whilst pushing the knees right out.

100 reps of Incline Press Ups - Place your feet onto a chair or the sofa and have your hands on the floor, assume the press up position.

100 reps of Lunges - Lunge on side of your body for 100 reps.

100 reps of Lunges - Lunge the other side of your body for 100 reps.

100 reps of Jumping Jacks - On the spot star jumps and try to do these unbroken.

100 reps of Plank - How can you do that? Well hold the plank for at least 100 seconds.

100 reps of Ab Crunches - On the floor with legs bent at 90 degrees, keeping heels on the floor, crunching.

100 reps of Upright Rows - Using a chair, hold onto the top of it and perform an upright row.

100 reps of Jump Squats - Standing on the spot perform jump squats

100 reps of Narrow Press Ups - Focusing on the triceps and inner chest, perform these to finish off your workout.


Rest times

Between each 100 reps give yourself at least 2 minutes rest so that you can go into your next exercise without gassing. Try to finish each 100 reps unbroken but obviously rest when you can. Don't forget to sip your BCAA's during your session and stay hydrated properly. Have your protein shake ready for the end because this workout HURTS (in a good way) so avoid any aches in the muscles by taking in enough protein :)

GOOD LUCK and let me know how you get on by posting a comment below

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