Time Under Tension The Facts

Changing your exercise routine is an important aspect of training and you should be doing this regularly. Performing a week of Time Under Tension or TUT training could help you develop an improved physique and smash your plateau. Did you know that TUT training can help increase strength, conditioning and power. You won't count reps but instead the focus is all on how long you keep the muscles under tension, hence the name ;).

TUT training means each working set could last between 50 and 70 seconds and your muscles will be screaming out to you. What ever you do however, do not GIVE IN to the pain, keep those muscles working as this is where you will see the results, (the final 10 seconds usually burns the most). If you are trying this out for the first time you will notice a burning sensation within the muscles during and after your session. This is normal so do not worry about this.

This style of training means you have to really concentrate on the weight you are lifting and slow the tempo down. Try counting to 4 seconds on your eccentric (lowering) phase of each rep. Why not give this a go and break up your training performing this for a 7 day period. Don't forget to consume your BCAAs and Protein for extra recovery ;)

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