Top Tips For Feeling More Confident in The Gym

When it comes to working out, our certainty and confidence play a huge role in our execution and the results that follow.

If we’re not certain and/or confident...even putting the time aside to go to the gym can be a challenge, why would we invest our time into doing something that we’re not certain will achieve anything?

Putting the time aside to go to the gym and do ‘something’ which may or may not actually be productive, in addition to being self-conscious that you don’t know what you’re doing with other people noticing, doesn’t sound too appealing does it?

Sure, there are degrees of certainty and confidence and a little bit may not cause this, but by and large I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say here!

Well, here are a few Top Tips for feeling more certain and confident in the ideal read for those who are new to the gym, haven’t been shown what to do or just those people who haven’t ‘cracked the code’ to working out in the gym yet.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

As with many things in life, success is determined by focusing on what we want, creating a plan and actioning that plan which then leads to certain results (if the results aren’t what we hoped we need to adjust that plan).

Getting in shape is no different, we need to get a plan if you have quite literally no idea where to start then the next tip (Invest in a Trainer) may be useful to you or at least asking the advice of a friend who’s in the fitness game could help to get you started.

Anyway, getting this plan together! Start by thinking about what you want...

Do you want:

  • To lose weight
  • To become a better runner
  • To become more muscular

When we know what we want we can then go to the next step, creating our plan!

It’s amazing how many people go to the gym without an aim, if you don’t have an aim how can you know if you are winning the game? You can’t as there are no goal posts, so you can’t even score in the first place.

Here are some basic points to consider if you’re wanting to train for the reasons highlighted above...

Wanting to Lose Weight?

If so, our plan may require us to:

  • Remove junk from our diet to get easy, fast results
  • Get to the gym regularly with a basic weight training plan
  • Add in cardio sessions slowly over time
  • Have a long term approach
  • Monitor our weight to see what works and what doesn’t

Want to Become a Better Runner?

If so, our plan may require us to:

  • Focus on improving our running time over a certain distance
  • Increase the total distance traveled
  • Ensure we have appropriate footwear

Want to Be More Muscular?

If so, our plan may require us to:

  • Go to the gym multiple times each week to lift weights
  • Aim to progressively get stronger on various lifts/movements
  • Ensure our nutrition is set up for muscle building
  • Focus on quality form/execution

Invest in a Trainer

If you’re wanting to avoid a lot of trial and error, investing in a trainer can save a lot of time, effort and even money (if they save you buying something that you may not even need).

Not only that but when you get a trainer (a good one) they can ‘hold your hand’ through the process, make you accountable and get you where you want to be sooner rather than later.

Make a slight mistake doing a certain exercise? They can correct your form there and then - no doing the same mistake for months before realising yourself.

Don’t know how to setup an effective exercise plan? They can work with you to create one!

Additionally, a good coach or trainer can tell you things which you may never have thought of, plus if they can warn you of things to expect, these things won’t take you off track and surprise you when they do happen.

Everybody Starts Somewhere

Sometimes we just need to get started, if we wait for the perfect time...we’ll never get started!

Don’t be afraid to make little mistakes along the way, that’s one of the ways we learn after all.

Start from where you are, make small steps and before you know it you’ll be more comfortable and confident in the gym...even if takes starting out at home doing some YouTube video workouts before you go to the gym that’s fine!

Sometimes just experience can be what we need, one thing is for sure - putting if off isn’t the answer!

Oh and also, if you are feeling self conscious about going to the gym (for whatever reason) most people are too involved in what they're doing to notice what you are doing, so don’t think everyone is looking at you, chances are if you think this you’ll just create a stress that’s based on something that isn’t even real.

Generally, people want to help others out…not put others down, if you’re a little lost, ask someone for help, be that a trainer or someone who looks approachable - people love to help out and share what they’ve learned and who knows, that may be you helping someone else in a few months time!

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