How To... Structure Your Eating Plan

Get some structure into your diet with this quick fire video describing an average day of protein, carb, fat, vitamin and mineral dense nutrition! Other specific diet plans can be seen on our blog which range from 1200kcal to 3400kcal diet plans which can be used to guide your nutritional decisions...check out the video below for an informal chat on what I eat, when I eat it, and why it might be useful to include it into your daily diet plan.  


So you wake up and need a boost, blood sugars are low and energy supply is flagging!

Give yourself a hit of Orange juice or any fresh juice for a readily abs sugar to get the blood sugars back up – follow this with a whey protein and a low Glycaemic Index (GI) starch based source such as porridge


A carb and protein source is ideal such as a rice cake, peanut butter and half a small banana

What you’re doing is delivering a ‘drip feed’ of carbs and energy to your bodily tissue including the brain, heart, muscles and so on


Stop your muscles becoming an energy provider i.e. stop the protein structure of your muscle being broken down for energy…do this by eating a starch, protein, fat and non-starch polysaccharide (veg) source:

An ideal example would be a nice bowl full of chicken breast, basmati rice and mixed veg, flavoured with a little sweet chilli sauce (maybe 2-3 tspns), soy sauce and an omega oil blend such as Optimum Health Omega Oil Blend.


Get some fruit down you e.g. 2x tangerines and an apple, as well as a fast acting protein such as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Evening meal

Again, a good protein source, carbs, fat and veg…the fat and protein is delivered in one serving with a nice thinly cut slice of steak, so as good as this is, try not to exceed 2 portions of red meat a week.

Example meal might include:

100g (Thin cut) Beef/Steak (275kcal; 26g Protein)
250g Egg Noodles (341kcal; 10g Protein; 57g Carbs)
160g (1/2 bag) stir fry veg (80kcal; 2g Protein; 7g Carbs)
5ml (1x tspn) Soy sauce (3kcal)
20ml (2x tspn) sweet chilli sauce (46kcal; 11g Carbs)


As you start to get a bit peckish in the evening, once your blood sugars begin to drop again, opt for a slow release protein source such as 150g cottage cheese to feed you during the night, on a wholegrain carb such as ryvita , season with pepper…and enjoy. Approx 30mins before bed you may want to consider some ZMA which may boost melatonin levels to help send you off to sleep…growth time!

If you haven’t already…get some structure into your diet!

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