Tom Discusses Sport Supplements On Chelmsford Community Radio

The below audio is mid- way through a radio show I attended as a guest nutrition expert. The radio station was Chelmsford Community Radio and the guys (Jamie and Will) there were very accommodating, easy to talk to and interested...which is always nice! Below is the transcription in case you can't be bothered to listen to me droning on :)

TOM- There lifestyles and of course some supplements as well

DJ- OK, so I've been to the gym once, i'm feeling very ripped right now, my arms hurt quite a lot so is there something that I should have done because I finished the gym and then had a massive bowl of pasta and some special cream sauce stuff and I still hurt, was that a good thing or a bad thing to do?

TOM- Well it's small steps, the fact that you've gone to the gym deserves congratulations itself. Don't be concerned about the soreness, a personal trainer friend of mine Scott will explain that this is probably delayed onset muscle soreness aka DOMS, and hopefully you haven't actually done any long term damage. You could have probably minimised the aches and pains you got had you consumed adequate protein after the gym session. Glutamine is a good option, it's an amino acid that has been seen to minimise this delayed onset muscle soreness. Considering you had a bowl of pasta, had you have performed a lot of cardiovascular work, ran on the treadmill a lot for example then you may have warranted those extra carbohydrates, but chances are you probably didn't if your arms are aching, you probably did some resistance work. Therefore you could have probably done with some protein as opposed to just carbs.

DJ- OK, so obviously meals are big part of getting ripped, so do you know easy meals that someone can eat before or after the gym?

TOM- Well it starts from breakfast really, but if we're talking specifically after the gym then it's got to be protein, something that is predominantly protein based. It's also important to get an optimal blend of carbohydrate in there so examples include potato, and sweet potato is popular now, a small portion of that so maybe your fist size is appropriate. Then a hand size of perhaps chicken or another meat source, and beans, peas and pulses for you vegetarians out there. With the supplement spin there is a lot of research that supports getting a liquid source of nutrition and protein because it's more readily absorbed by the body as it's already partially digested.

- DJ passes a supplement sample to other DJ and describes it -

TOM- That sounds like USN, which is high in protein and yet low in carbs so you're not going to be getting excess calories and carbs. So if you want ot get ripped so to speak, then this is the ideal supplement for you. You won't be getting any excess calories etc from this supplement, you'll only be giving the muscle what it needs, and that's protein! The amino acids in this protein are the building blocks of muscle tissue protein, and the building blocks are what the muscles need to grow. Someone alluded to Nesquik earlier, this is fine and some athletes use it as a pre workout source of nutrition to give them an energy boost. It's a low glycaemic index meaning it doesn't cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels, but it's on the cusp of being medium GI so it's not ideal. Protein is ideal for after training as it's lower GI, delivers the desired nutrients and is ideal for growth after training.

DJ- OK, so all I need to do is eat a proper breakfast , but when is the best time to take them?

TOM- There are mnany avenues, many different forms of protein too, but with regards to having one in the morning, that is great as you have fasted for 8 hours and your muscles are craving protein, and immediately after the gym if you can get a liquid form of protein then that would be ideal. You can vary the dose (not from the specification on the tub) but have more protein after the gym session because you have placed the muscle under strain and therefore it needs more protein. There are different types of supplements too, there are branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are the amino acids that make up a whole protein, these minimise muscle breakdown if taken before training. Whey protein however is quick absorbing and is therefore ideal for after the gym.

DJ- So my final there a way we can make protein shakes taste 'better' if you don't like the taste?

TOM- Taste is a subjective thing and a lot of people will say that a lot of protein shakes are pretty delicious. Ways to make them more tasty, or more to your taste is to get a neutral flavoured protein such as Maximuscle Promax, and flavour this with Nesquik or Crusha syrup for example. Alternatively you can flavour it with fruit and sweeten it in a more natural way (excuse the pun). I personally think that if people try the supplements they will be pleasently surprised, supplement companies are getting pretty good at mimicking these flavours now!

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