Top 5 Summer Shape Up Tips

The summer and holiday season has begun and it’s about time we shaped ourselves up! But, what are some of the most effective ways to shift that body fat and get nice and lean? Well, here we go over 5 Top fat burning tips!

#1 - Gradually Reduce Calories

When it comes to losing weight, one of the biggest mistakes people make is cutting their calories TOO far and TOO fast.

When you do this, the metabolism slows right down and after a short amount of time you’re going to struggle to lose weight without resorting to unhealthy extremes.

To avoid this, slowwwwly reduce the amount of calories you’re eating.

First of all you can cut out the junk for example. Then a week or two later, reducing the amount of carbs you’re eating may be a good option (or a food that you know you don’t need that much of). High calorie snacks? Yep, they can go!

Most of us know where we can cut calories, so use your noggin and cut what you don’t need!

#2 - Gradually Increase Cardio

Similar to food, we don’t want to go all out right away.

Increasing exercise over time is the best way to keep fat melting mode going!

Not only that, but mentally going from zero cardio to many sessions a week can be quite daunting and often times leads to overwhelm and giving up.

We don’t want that do we? Nope! So ease into it first, doing 1-2 sessions a week before gradually increasing your sessions to an amount you can handle, yet that is still challenging.

#3 - Eat Plenty of Vegetables

Keeping you full, packed with nutrients, setting a good example?

The benefits of eating vegetables are numerous and not only that, it’s a good habit to have.

When we’re dieting, getting hungry can sometimes be an issue.

By eating plenty of vegetables it avoids the temptation of eating higher calorie foods during the day. We still need to eat a decent amount of calories per day to be healthy. But snacking can be where we go wrong.

Just because we’re hungry, doesn’t necessarily mean we need food. After all, many obese individuals get hungry a lot because their body has been conditioned over time to give hunger signals (this is massively oversimplified to make a quick point). If we are obese, it’s pretty clear we don’t need ‘more food’…showing how hunger can be deceiving, vegetables (and fruit) can help keep us fuller for longer because of their filling properties (mainly due to the high fibre content).

#4 - Focus Your Mind With A Deadline

Deadlines give us focus, if we have 6 weeks to get lean…now we have something to work towards.

If it’s just ‘whenever’ the pressure isn’t on.

Set yourself a deadline to work towards, a holiday that's coming up perhaps!

Doing this will help massively, then you can write up a plan for each week including how much cardio you will do, your eating plan and so on.

6-8 weeks is a solid amount of time for most people.

#5 - Do The ‘Little Things’

Just do your best with these if you aren’t already and you’ll be well on your way to making progress.

Sometimes we let these things slip, so if you can take action with most of the points (or just a few) from this article, it’ll help.

Think about the following points and take action if required:
• Are you sleeping enough?
• Do you smoke, drink more alcohol than your should? These are not helping.
• Empty your kitchen cupboards (and where you are most) from tempting, high calorie foods.
• Be responsible for your own results! Whether you do well, or not is up to you - embrace it and use it to take control of your situation and results.
• Ask questions! Don’t know something, ask! (There are people giving out tips online for free all the time).

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