Top Ten Best Diet Supplements 2017

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Diet Supplements are designed to give you that extra edge when dieting to lose weight, whether it’s a product that can help you burn more body fat, a low calorie yet great tasting shake or bar to help bring down the calories and curb hunger, or a supplement that can aid via some other means.

Simply put, they help us make the whole process that little bit easier and get to our desired goal more quickly and/or more smoothly too.

Losing weight is hard enough and investing in the right supplement alongside your healthy diet and exercise regime can make the whole process more enjoyable and feel a little less like ‘work’.

Now let’s have a look at our Top 10 Diet Supplements of 2017…


PhD Nutrition Diet Whey

PhD Diet Whey

When it comes to weight loss, taking in fewer calories than we burn is key - this allows us to be in a calorie deficit which then leads to weight loss. When we are eating fewer calories we become hungry, crave sweet foods and therefore want to snack on whatever we can get our hands on, even if we don’t and we resist, fighting that urge can be draining.

Having PhD Diet Whey during the day between meals is an ideal way to satisfy our taste buds and consume a filling yet low calorie shake that reduces cravings and the need to snack. Not only this, but it’s a high protein product that is more like a treat than a diet shake which is why it’s top of our top sellers list! This indulgent shake, packed full of nutrients and certain ingredients associated with fat loss such as CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Flaxseed is a dieter's dream, making the whole fat loss process a lot easier. Make sure to check out our regular deals with the PhD Nutrition Diet Whey right here on the Discount Supplements website.

Optimum Health Diet Protein

Optimum Health Diet Protein

With just 121 calories per serving, 20g of protein, Green Tea Extract, Essential Fatty Acids,  Acetyl L-Carnitine and more the Diet Protein from Optimum Health is specifically designed to be used alongside a calorie restricted diet to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals.

To make full use of the Optimum Health Diet Protein take between meals to help curb cravings and get a supply of high quality protein to assist with recovery and the maintenance of lean muscle mass.

With the price being pretty difficult to argue with, this is certainly one of our best value Diet Supplements, which here at Discount Supplements is what we’re all about - value.

Check it out today.

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree Max Strength

PhD Lean Degree Max Strength

When we’re eating and exercising with the intention of losing weight, having something to bolster our results is something well worth considering. The PhD Lean Degree Max Strength is a stimulant based thermogenic, with the added benefits of certain weight loss related ingredients, to support our weight management goals.

Green Tea, ALA, L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Bean, Dandelion Root, Caffeine, Bitter Orange Peel powder, BioPerine®, L-Tyrosine and Cayenne pepper extract work together to help you on your weight management plan.

It’s potent formula is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and those on a cutting plan, this can also be stacked with other products like the PhD Diet Whey and PhD CLA.

Grenade Thermo Detonator - 100 Caps

Grenade Thermo Detonator

Exploding onto the fitness scene just a few years ago the Grenade Thermo Detonator has made a real impact amongst those on a weight loss plan.

This is an absolutely great product for taking before a cardio session to really give yourself a boost and get the benefits of the weight loss ingredients that have been packed into the capsules!

A trusted product amongst many, males and females alike,  the Grenade Thermo Detonator has won various awards including the European Diet and Weight Management product of the Year 2013, 2014 & 2015 showing that it’s a diet supplement to be taken seriously!

Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

When we’re on a weight loss plan we’re trying to reduce our body fat levels, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need fat. In fact, fat is a vital nutrient involved in many bodily functions, additionally it provides long lasting and sustained energy.

Dr Udo Erasmus, PhD, formulated this Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend and it uses nothing but the best ingredients to deliver an oil that is top of it’s class. With oil coming from Flax, Coconut, Sunflower, Sesame, Evening Primrose Oil and more it’s easy to see why it’s so popular and is on our Diet Supplements Top Sellers list.

Certified Organic and free from animal products this premium oil blend provides the user with a great source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids in a 2:1:1 ratio that contributes to a healthy heart and joints in addition to the other potential beneficial effects associated with Omega 3 in particular.

Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine

Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine has long been a popular ingredient amongst those losing weight, L-Carnitine plays a vital role in transporting fatty acids into the body’s cells for the production of ATP and energy and so supplementing with this ingredient has been something of keen interest to many on weight management plans.

Using a premium L-Carnitine L-Tartrate version of L-Carnitine for maximum effectiveness, the Reflex Nutrition L-Carnitine delivers maximum quality as is to be expected from Reflex.

Great on its own and can be stacked with various other products if desired.

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars

Building on the success of the PhD Nutrition Diet Whey, the PhD Diet Whey Bars are nutrition packed bars that are a great addition to our Diet Supplements category.

Although small, these bars are surprisingly satiating and when it comes to taste the chocolate coated flavours provide a welcome break from dieting thanks to their great taste and texture.

Using premium quality protein sources including whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate, the high amount amino acids contribute to the maintenance and repair of lean muscle tissue alongside other ingredients popular with those losing weight including; CLA, L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine and Flaxseed powder (for the Omega 3).

PhD Nutrition CLA

PhD Nutrition CLA

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a popular ingredient in the sports nutrition industry in addition to the weight loss industry at large too. A naturally occurring Omega 6 fatty acid, it is a collection of isomers of linoleic acid commonly found in meat and dairy products.

Supplementing with CLA has it’s advantages, as you avoid the calories from the meat and dairy products that would ordinarily need to be consumed to get a certain amount of CLA.

Consuming CLA from PhD Nutrition is not only a cost effective way at getting in this popular ingredient but it can be used alongside other products too such as the PhD Lean Degree Max Strength and PhD Diet Whey.

Sci MX Shred-X RippedCore

Sci-Mx Shred-X Rippedcore

Utilising the power of various ingredients, the Sci MX Shred-X Rippedcore packs quite the punch. Firstly it uses it’s unique Vit-Mx-Lean (Fat Loss Vitamin & Mineral Blend) which includes ingredients that support a normal energy yielding metabolism - Biotin, chromium, thiamine and vitamins B2/B6 . Then we have potent amounts of guarana, green tea, green coffee bean, cayenne pepper and caffeine to assist with fat oxidation, in addition to the Vitamin B6 that also contributes to normal glycogen metabolism to support weight control.

As you can see Sci MX have formulated a product that assists weight loss from various different angles, providing an excellently engineered product for those who want the best. Great to take during the day or before workouts for that extra boost, due to the high caffeine content which helps to reduce perceived exertion and effort during exercise, meaning you can push yourself further!

A solid option from Sci MX.

Reflex Nutrition Green Tea

Reflex Nutrition Green Tea

Green Tea has been used since times of old and is becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking to lose weight or maintain their current body composition. However, because of the other associated health benefits it’s also proven popular with those who live a healthy lifestyle. Green Tea is an excellent Diet Supplement and although it’s benefits extend much further according to various studies and the testament of many, it’s something that should be checked out for.

With each capsule containing 300mg of Green Tea Extract (the amount of polyphenols and ECGC's as 3 - 4 cups of Green Tea) the Reflex Nutrition Green Tea is a potent Green Tea product that is perfect for anyone wanting a cost effective and convenient way of getting high quality Green Tea in capsule form.

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