Top Tips for Bikini Body Motivation

Having a bikini body is a lifestyle choice not just for summer. It's all about telling yourself you DO have the MOTIVATION and mindset to adjust to the new fat-blasting diet. Sweaty gym sessions of fat-blasting cardio and body sculpting / toning resistance weight training isn't enough. It is essential to also have the right diet & nutrition to see results.

A bikini body is made in the kitchen. Cutting calories on a 12 week or 16 week challenge is not easy when your goal is to lose weight. Here are my top tips:

#1 Eliminate processed foods and sugar

Sugar elimination - raid your cupboards and fridge to eliminate sugar, artificial ingredients & high carb snacks and replace with healthy substitutes.

Say GOODBYE to condiments - most food sauces are high in sugar, biscuits, sugary puddings, crisps, sweets and sugary drinks need to go! Say HELLO to the healthy snacks - wholegrain rice cakes, healthy oatcakes, Oats, peanut butter, almond butter, fat free yoghurt with honey, fruit like blueberries or strawberries or an apple.
Plus adequate fibre in your diet is essential.

#2 Meal Prep & Planning

My top diet tip is to focus on learning how to prep meals each day after working out your daily calorie intake required for fat loss. You will need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Get a nutritionist to write a calorie plan, and Macro Nutrient ratios. You can aim to eat up to 4-5 small meals of protein, carbs and fats at each meal.
Eating steadily throughout the day feeds the fire of your metabolism and keeps it burning calories throughout the day. Large portions tend to slow it down.

Meal prepping means that tupperware is your new best friend. Place your cooked meals in Tupperware containers to go in the fridge or freezer.
Pack these meals with you in a cool bag, for work and include protein shakes too which are great post workout.

#3 Carbohydrates - Carb Cycling & Refeed.

One valuable advanced diet tip I use consistently is to cycle carbs during the week - having high, moderate and low or zero carb days. We know that Carbohydrates provide energy, and if you're not using that energy, it will inevitably go to fat stores. Having periodic breaks of increasing and reducing carbs helps the body become a lean fat-burning machine.

Carbohydrates can be manipulated to boost Leptin levels which aids fat loss. Fat cells secrete the hormone Leptin - a master hormone in the body which controls hunger and feelings of satiety.

Carb cycling and refeeds are dietary ways to restore Leptin levels during fat loss so weight loss doesn't stall and helps manage cravings. During carbohydrate refeed days, fat should be kept to a minimum so it doesn't interfere with boosting Leptin levels.

#4 Water

Increase your intake of water. This helps de-bloat and the more water you drink the more toxins you will expel.

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