Top Tips for Fat Loss

It’s January and everyone is now in WEIGHT LOSS mode! After a few weeks of trying to lose weight this is around the time people start to falter…

“Is what I’m doing right?”

“When will I reach my target weight”

“This is too hard!”

Well, these are all natural points and questions to think we are going to go into some top tips to get you where you want to go.

Mindset & Motivation by Luke Thornton

[ Tip #1 ] Patience

If you’ve been overweight or weighed more than you’d like for some time, it’s going to take time to come off too!
That doesn’t mean it’s going to take forever, but if you’ve been adding weight for years...expecting it to come off in 2 months may be a tall order - plus that may be too fast.

Focus on small improvements day by day, week by week and month by month...even if the scale doesn’t change, but you look better...count that as a WIN.
You may learn something new about yourself, become better at saying ‘no’ to junk foods, become more resilient, who knows….try to find the silver lining to whatever it is you are doing in your weight loss endeavor!

Half the battle is the emotional roller coaster we have to ride, so brace yourself for the long haul and don’t be put off by not being perfect right away, or if you mess can always get back on track if you go off.

[ Tip #2 ] Chunking

When we’re wanting to climb a mountain and we’re at the bottom looking up - it can be pretty daunting! “How am I going to climb that thing?”

...which totally makes sense, but if we aim to do one little bit at a time we can make what was once one huge task...a number of smaller tasks.

If you’re wanting to lose 20lbs of body fat then breaking that down into 4 x 5lb milestones could be something to think about…

That way you can feel great each time you meet every milestone along the way and the more positive momentum you get along the way the more enjoyable and manageable it will be mentally.

[ Tip #3 ] What’s Your WHY???

If we have a strong WHY…we can pull through pretty much anything.

Have you ever HAD to do something, when your ‘back is against the wall’ and you had no chance? Well in these times we have a powerful reason to perform and when we really get clear as to why we’re doing something it gives us that motivational juice to really go for it.

Why are you wanting to lose weight? Is it to:

  • To be a good role model for your children
  • Be healthier
  • To have a higher quality of life
  • Feel great
  • Take control of something you’ve wanted to but never have

There are many reasons we may want to do something, if your reason(s) are strong enough then you’ll find a way to make it work... When you know your reasons, write them down or print out a visual and put them in places you can’t escape! On the mirror, in your car, next to your computer monitor, as you phone wallpaper.

Get a strong why and take action as without action, there will be no results.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Nutrition by Zoe Martin

[ Tip #4 ] Meal Frequency

Eat three times daily, avoiding snacking where possible. This helps to regulate blood glucose levels so that you’re likely to stay sated for longer; often, we eat due to our appetite being stimulated, rather than true, physical hunger, and this can actually sustain cravings. If you absolutely must snack (due to being genuinely hungry), opt for protein/healthy fats. Think along the lines of nuts and seeds, a casein-based dessert or low-carb protein bar.

[ Tip #5 ] Carbohdrates

Cut back on refined carbohydrates – including those deemed as ‘healthy’. Pasta, rice and bread (even wholegrain varieties) can diminish fat-burning if eaten too frequently. Try to stick to low-impact carbs where possible, and in moderation (once daily): sweet potato and other root veggies, quinoa and low-sugar fruit, e.g. berries.

[ Tip #5 ] Fats

Include healthy, natural fats with each meal, and use these to replace carbs. For instance, start the day with eggs, avocado and some veggies like tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach in instead of a bowl of cereal. If you’re in a hurry, make a smoothie with berries, almond milk, whey protein and nut butter or coconut/MCT oil. Firstly, this will help to keep you full, so that you’re less likely to veer off track (as above). Secondly, this reduces insulin secretion; dubbed as the ‘fat storing’ hormone, carbs have the most significant impact on insulin levels of all the macros – which can encourage fat gain.

[ Tip #6 ] CLA

Consider the value of supplements including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), l-carnitine and green tea. Fat burners with a combination of these ingredients – plus caffeine – can positively affect your results when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime. The can help to stoke the furnace, as it were; studies suggest they may literally do this by increasing thermogenesis – the body’s mechanism of burning calories through heat production.

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