Torch Fat And Perform Super Sets During Your Workout


As the warmer months approach your focus tends to be more on how you look and trimming up ready for the summer period. You might find your training routine is slightly different to what it normally is and you might start to include more cardiovascular work. This might seem like the obvious thing to do however there are other, better ways in my opinion to drop off the fat without having to add in lots and lots of boring cardio work. Fear not, DS has you covered...

Burn Fat

You might think that the best way to burn body fat is to hop onto the treadmill and run for miles and miles, or get on a cross trainer and watch some good tv. Whilst this does indeed burn fat, it isn't the best way of doing it and you will be better off sticking with lifting weights. Here's why...

Weight Training

This type of training burns lots more calories than running on a treadmill at a set pace and you can burn even more when introducing extra sets.

Super Sets 

Introducing super sets into your training is a great way to increase the rate at which you work throughout a set. Super sets are basically 2 exercises coupled together performing them one after the other. So for instance you might perform a bench press and then go right into a bicep curl, this would be considered a super set. When you work at this greater intensity, you're ultimately working harder and therefore burning more fat.


When you include super sets into your workouts you can literally couple any two exercises together. It really doesn't matter how you do it. Below though is a basic plan of what you can do for each training session when splitting up the muscle groups. Check it out now...

Chest Day

Bench Press with Press Ups

Incline Bench Press with Clap Press Ups

Decline Bench Press with Incline Fly

Dips with Cable Flies


Back Day

Deadlifts with Pull Ups

Bent Over Rows with Narrow grip pull ups

Cable Rows with Lat Pulldowns

Single Arm Rows with Seated V Bar Rows


Shoulder Day

D/B Shoulder Press with Upright Row

Olympic Barbell Press with Arnold Press

D/B Side Raise with D/B Front Raise

Rear Delt Cables With Barbell Shrugs


Leg Day

Squats with Leg Press

Lunges with Jump Squats

Hack Squat with Hammy Curls

Leg Ext with Calf Raises


Arm Day

Bicep Curl with Hammer Curl

Cable Curl with Single Arm Curls

Tricep Pulldowns with V Bar Pulldowns

Dips with Kickbacks


There you have some great superset ideas which you can use on their own or with other types of workouts you wish to perform. Enjoy and train hard!!

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