Tracking Your Training Progress With Before And After Photographs

It is important to track your progress for a number of reasons. Keeping a note of your journey so far helps to keep you motivated, take pride in your achievements, push towards the next goal and share your well earned progress with others.

Photographs are a brilliant way of literally keeping an eye on improvements in body composition, size and shape and are much more effective than simply hopping on the scales every day and keeping track of weight alone.

Think of your ‘before’ photos as not only your motivation to get started but also as ‘goodbye’ photos. Take these pictures to document the last photograph you will have of your old body and say goodbye to the old you. Once you begin working hard you can choose when you would like to document each stage of improvement. Personal preferences range from taking photographs every 2 days to taking a photo once a month in order to see more drastic improvements.

When taking your photos:

  • Limit the clothing that you wear. You can choose to go naked if you are not planning to share the photos on social media or put them on the internet, but underwear/ swimwear/ minimal training wear or competition wear are optimal.
  • Take full length photos.
  • Take the photos in a relaxed position ideally but if you are posing/tensing ensure that you perform the exact same position each time you document your progress to gain the best comparison.
  • Take three photographs: One side view, one front view and one back view.
  • Ideally you should take the photograph somewhere that you will be able to repeat the photographs as you progress. For example, home or the gym/changing rooms.
  • Some people choose to prove the date of their progress by holding a newspaper, although most people simply include the dates afterwards or call the ‘before’ photo: day 1 and progress the days from that point.

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Job Role Sports Nutritionist and Social Media Coordinator Qualifications Bsc Sport and Exercise Science Steph has a competitive athletic background which spans 19 years. As a child she performed with the English Youth Ballet and had performed on the West End stage by the age of 10. Her enthusiasm for sport and fitness continued to grow as she did, encouraging her to learn more about nutrition and training. She began using her knowledge and personal experience to help others when she began coaching at the age of 16. From here, she went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Essex during which time she also received the Most Promising Newcomer Award from her University to mark her outstanding contribution to sport. During her first year of study she was introduced to partner stunt acrobatics and artistic gymnastics. After one year of dedicating herself to a lifestyle revolving around her sport, she was training with the best team in the UK who are currently ranked fifth in the world. Steph has worked in both the private and public sector coaching children and adults from grassroot to elite level as well as providing them with cutting edge advice on how to reach their goals. Steph has received awards for her choreography and has competed nationally and internationally meaning that she can back up her scientific knowledge with a wealth of experience. As our resident Sports Nutritionist, Steph is here to provide the most current and evidence based fitness, health and nutrition information to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
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