Train Like An Expendable Star With This MASS Building Workout

With Expendables 3 out in the cinemas at the moment it seems fitting to give you the MASS workout which is going to give you muscles like Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Arnie and so on. It's the third installment of the Expendables trilogy and ends with some big names being in the movie. If you have seen it you will understand the true meaning of 'American Muscle' as the guys in the movie show you how it's really done. Big muscles, big guns and big explosions, here is how you can build mass to your body...

Building Mass

One of the main things you need to make sure you are doing when building mass is lifting heavy and keeping the exercises to a compound nature. Exercises like this will build a bigger physique as they work multiple muscles and areas in one whole movement. Take the dead lift for instance,  It starts off by working your forearms as you grip the bar and the legs as you push off the ground from a squat position. As you stand with the barbell you then transfer the weight of the bar throughout the middle part of your body and then finishing with the upper before returning it back down to the ground. Multiple reps and sets of an exercise like this where it works pretty much every muscle in the body, builds MASS onto a physique.

Eat For Mass

The likes of Terry Crews who stars in Expendables 3 will not be eating cheerios for breakfast and a sandwich for dinner, so in order to get big you need to eat BIG! Albeit this is a workout post but it shouldn't detract from the fact that you still need to make sure you are doing everything right, to give yourself every chance of getting the best results. Meeting protein requirements and consuming enough calories per day is a good place to start, my biggest piece of advice would be to write out what you are eating and make sure you are getting enough of each macro nutrient group to support muscle gain.

Ok so the above is a joke, DO NOT DO THIS, instead try the below ;)

Compound Lifts

Here are the exercises you need to perform that will truly work your body and build mass onto it...

SQUATS - Possibly the best exercise any one can do is squat as it targets many muscles with in the body. It is predominantly targeted the legs muscles and as these are your foundations to your body, it is important to work them. Working your leg muscles also signals the upper body to grow as human growth hormone is released and gives you an extra bang for your buck.

DEADLIFTS - A Similar exercise to squats in that it targets many muscles within the body is to perform deadlifts. A big glute, hamstring and upper back exercise which also works your core muscles to give you a well balanced physique.

MILITARY PRESS - Using an Olympic barbell and pushing this above your head for reps will work your shoulders and core muscles well. A great exercise for building those boulders

BENCH PRESS - Say no more, want to be alpha like an Expendable, then you need to make sure you hit the bench press to work your chest muscles to their max.

Performing these 4 exercises within your workouts will ADD MASS for sure and why not use a weight gainer shake too which will almost certainly help you put on those much needed pounds of muscle. Go on, DO IT!!

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