Does Over Training exist? Should You Rest Your Muscles?

Is there such a thing as over training and should we be resting our muscles? Do you exercise everyday, day in day out without any rest or do you make sure you give yourself 1-2 days of rest? There is a lot of controversy in this area as I am sure you are aware of, you will speak to one person who says he never rests in his life while other people make sure of it. What about athletes, do they rest? What happens if you don't rest? Read on to find out more...

CT Fletcher Says .... 

Possibly one of the biggest characters in bodybuilding and the health and fitness industry is CT Fletcher. Most of you will know this guy from his YouTube channel and recently signing to MusclePharm and being a part of the Arnold Series Campaign. However it is no secret he is a beast and has achieved a lot in his career, with one of his highlights setting a world record in the bench press. A very knowledgeable man who has a powerful aura which surrounds him STATES there is no such thing as over training. the below video which does contain explicit language of which we do not condone, illustrates his concept of the myth which is over training.

The Video Explained

Again, please ignore the language that he is using to demonstrate what he means, this is just his character. However, does he make a point about over training? Is it just a myth and should we exercise daily without giving ourselves a true rest. I personally think that for athletes like CT Fletcher, Mike Rashid and so on who apply this principle may have a slight advantage compared to the rest of us. Now I do not know for sure, I don't know these guys and I take nothing away from them, but is the reason they can train hard and heavy daily because they take steroids? If this is the case then rest doesn't exist for these guys purely because of the hormonal shift which allows their muscles to work 100% all of the time.

Maintain An Effective Immune System

I do not want to detract from the fact exercise is great for you and you should be exercising on a weekly basis. Being an athlete myself, I understand that in order to change my physique I need to exercises and eat a sound diet which is healthy and balanced. However training constantly takes a toll on the body and in particular the immune system which needs to stay strong to prevent colds and illness. Did you know that during training exposure to airborne bacteria and viruses increase because of the higher rate and depth of breathing. Another interesting fact is that your immune system is much weaker during training and only gets stronger during resting.

Foods To Include Which Boost The Immune System

There are certain foods you can introduce into your diet which are going to boost your immune system and give it the right powers to fight off infections and disease! Nutrients like arginine, bovine colostrum, echinacea, ginseng, vitamin C, D, E and zinc will all help keep you in working order! If you're wondering why you always have a sniffle or sore throat, it might be time to check your diet and make sure you are consuming these nutrients.

Rest To Grow

I personally believe that when you rest it gives your body the best chance to recover and grow. During training you aren't growing, in fact you are breaking it down and making it weaker. you only grow and change your physique when you are resting and letting your body recover naturally. I give myself at least one day off a week and sometimes it is two and this is for a few different reasons. First of all I believe that resting your muscles especially if the demand on them is great is required for them to rest and grow stronger. Resting is not just for the muscles it is for the central nervous system which also takes a hit during intense exercise. I like to rest so that I can take a mental break from the gym and my exercise plan, re evaluate my plan and then come back with more focus and enthusiasm. How many times do you exercise in a row, feel tired and worn out yet after giving yourself a day off you come back stronger and more alert? My conclusion.... Rest is GOOD!!

Reference - Tipton and Van Loom - Nestle Nutrition Institute

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