Training Principles – Functional Fitness

Functional fitness can be defined as an exercise or activity programme that is designed to prepare you for life and life situations. This ultimately includes preparing the body for everyday situations and strengthening the body to enable you to handle yourself more effectively.

The logic behind functional fitness is pure and simple, it’s the ability to look great whilst also being able to carry out everyday tasks such as bending down and pick up your keys off the floor!

Functional fitness workouts and exercises are also a fantastic way to burn high amounts of calories, whilst also working multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are a fantastic full upper body workout. Swinging on these bars stimulates multiple muscle groups and countless muscle fibres thus helping to assist with upper body strength.

The ability to pull yourself up or to swing from bar to bar is a great example of functional strength and being able to handle your own body weight.

Another great benefit of this exercise is that I found it to be a lot of fun! Just a few rounds of these bars not only got me sweating buckets, but also felt like I had completed an intense back, arms and shoulder workout!

Sledgehammer Tractor Tyre Swings

Still hungry for more after those monkey bars? Finish off your upper body functional fitness workout with some sledgehammer tractor tyre swings!

This exercise not only helps to build up your functional strength and conditioning but is also one of the oldest forms of training around! Forearms, back, grip, core and shoulders all take a battering from this incredibly fun workout, not only that, but it can also double up as a great form of stress relief!

The emphasis of these repetitive sledgehammer slams help to improve endurance in a multitude of muscle groups, for example the back and shoulders, thus improving your overall functional fitness for everyday tasks.

Here is one of my YouTube Vlogs where I demonstrate these functional exercises:



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