Tremendous Traps : Hit Your Trapezius From Several Angles For Best Results

This training post is going to be short and sweet, but the methodology for training the muscle group of interest should be anything but. Too many people see the trapezius as a ‘throw it in at the end with abs’ exercise routine, and that’s exactly why many people struggle to get that depth and pronunciation of muscle mass when training them.

For best results when training the traps try the following 5 moves:


1.) Barbell shrug- Using an overhand grip proceed to raise the barbell up your body aiming to raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Keep your arms straight at all times

2.) Behind the back Smith Machine Shrug- Same technique as above, only this time the bar runs up your posterior (behind you) enabling you to recruit both the ‘superior’ and ‘middle fibres’ of the traps. This exercise makes your traps deeper, so if you stood side on to a mirror, the distance from the front of your shoulder to the furthest part of the trapezius would increase.

3.) Calf machine shrug- If your grip goes before you can adequately hit your traps, then this machine removes that problem from the equation. This will work the traps in the same way as the abovementioned exercises.

4.) Kettlebell Sumo High Pull- Starting in a low, wide legged squat (similar width to a sumo squat only with bent knees), hold the kettlebell between your legs and stand proceeding to raise the kettlebell up towards your chin, keeping it close to your body whilst bringing the elbows out.

5.) Upright row- This is one of the classics. This will help to make those traps start to climb the side of your neck, giving the impression of not having a neck! Standing with a close grip on a barbell, proceed to raise the bar up towards your chin ensuring the elbows flare out to the side, pause for a second at the top for optimal contraction.

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