An Ignored ‘Trick’ To Give Your Muscles A ‘Treat’!


You may not notice it, but your muscles face the brunt of a LOT of strain over the course of a day! Combine the strain the muscles transfer onto the bones, and you have a pressure load that can AND will take its toll on your joints and body in time. The bone structure in most people is solid, but even the most dense of bones can start to ache and grind when repetitive stressors are placed on them during, for example, and heavy squat. Your bones have multiple functions from housing the marrow that manufacture your red blood cells, to protecting your vital organs, but a function of the bone structure that is sometimes overlooked is its role in anchoring the muscles. You can have the strongest muscles on the planet, but if these are stitched to weak bones, then the anchoring capacity i.e. the base from which muscles pull from will be insufficient to transfer the force generated by the muscle. So when I say in the title ‘2 tricks to give your muscles a treat’, what I’m referring to is the duel pronged attack on muscle structure and function, considering all facets of what makes a muscle aesthetic AND functional.

Strengthen bones if you want to strengthen muscle

Hopefully from the abovementioned rationale you can see where I am going with this. Now although a recent study has suggested that milk may not be as natural and beneficial as we all thought, it is critical that we do not shun dairy or milk as it is, and will remain a very important source of Calcium. As many of you will already know, calcium is integral to bone repair, growth and thus density, without calcium your bones would cease to function…heck, they wouldn’t even exist! With this in mind though, do not forget the unified stand calcium makes with vitamin D when it comes to sustaining healthy bones. Vitamin D is predominantly sourced from sunlight, but here in the UK we all know how sparce that can be, especially for house bound individuals. Good food sources of vitamin D include Herring, Fish Oil, Salmon, liver and small amounts in egg yolks, but these are foods that aren’t all that readily eaten. So in order to meet your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) then consider using a vitamin D supplement, or indeed a multi- vitamin and mineral in order to keep this vital nutrient topped up. If you manage to do this, then I can assure you your bones AND muscles will thank you in incredible GAAIIINS!

If you want to provide your body with a perfectly balanced concoction of vitamins and minerals then consider a few of the following examples…Optimum Nutrition Opti Men and/or Optimum Nutrition Opti Women as well as Optimum Health Mens Multi Vitamins or Reflex Nutrition Nexgen. Consider also Optimum Health Omega Oil Blend to moisten and lubricate those joints, your bones and muscles will thank you for that too (that one's on the house) :)



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