Trick or Treat: Halloween Diet And Exercise Tips

It can be difficult to avoid the seductive call of sweets, naughty snacks and lazing about watching horror films on Halloween. And while new research suggests that you can burn a fair few calories watching horror films (161 calories if you watch The Shining), it is much better if you can incorporate your healthy lifestyle into Halloween while still feeling free to join in with traditions.


There are a few tips which can help you avoid binging on sweets:

#1 - If you want to avoid the temptation of eating all the sweets remaining after trick or treating is finished, buy sweets which you don’t like so that you won’t finish off the leftovers.

#2 – Avoid the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that people tend to adopt at Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Don’t think that you definitely won’t eat any sweets and then cave and eat them all! Make a plan in advance to allow yourself a few sweets. This way you can factor it into your diet and not feel deprived. Put your sweet allowance in a separate bowl to the trick or treat sweets so that you are not tempted to have more.

#3 – If you know that you will get spooky creatures at your door this evening, why not offer them miniature toys or glow sticks? You can’t eat them, the children will love them and they are no more expensive than sweets if you visit somewhere like Poundland!

#4 – Choose healthier/ lower calorie treat options. Examples are:

Lollipops – They take longer to eat so you are less likely to eat more. An average lollypop is only 20 calories too!

Dark Chocolate – Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and studies have shown that dark chocolate is great for cardiovascular health and can lower blood pressure. It also has a much lower glycaemic index when compared with milk and white chocolate, so it won’t send blood sugar levels through the roof!

Popcorn – As a whole grain, popcorn makes a healthy snack choice. If you opt for plain popcorn or sweeten with honey, you will be able to keep calories down and enjoy a whole bowl with very little guilt.

Marshmallows and mints are also good low calorie options if you decide to ‘treat’ yourself with some Halloween confectionary.

Now you have chosen your snacks (or toys) and decided that you are watching The Shining (because apparently it burns more calories than other horror films), you need to work out how to fit in some exercise!


I have devised a few Halloween-related exercises which will be fun, get your muscles burning and definitely scare away any ghouls and ghosts that may be lurking!

The Scared Black Cat

The beginner version of this is that you start on your hands and knees. When you breathe in, contract your stomach (as if you are pulling your belly button towards your spine) creating a dome shape. Then breathe out and let your abdomen lower towards the floor.

If you want to make this move harder, you can start in the press-up plank position. From here, contract the stomach and raise your body until you form an upside down V shape. The more controlled your movements are, the better this is for you. Slowly return to your starting position and repeat.

The Creepy Crawler

Begin by sitting with your knees bent, feet on the floor shoulder width apart and hands placed behind you. Push your hips up to form a table position where your bodyweight is balanced evenly between your hands and feet. Do not let your glutes drop back down to the floor! Now begin to take steps (forwards/ backwards or sideways). Aim for 20 steps before you allow yourself to sit back down. Then repeat.

The Zombie

Place your arms parallel in front of you and hold. Alternate between moving your arms slightly up and down, making small circles and just holding the position. Groaning noises and zombie face are optional.

The Horny Devil

Lay on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Push your hips up towards the ceiling and then lower. To make this exercise more difficult, place your arms in a T shape instead of beside your body. You can also try lifting one foot off of the ground and straightening that leg. Keep the leg suspended while you move your hips up and down. Do not let your glutes touch the floor between each rep.

If you can think of any additional exercises related to Halloween, please share them by commenting on this article. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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