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Every once in a while when I travel around the world I will step into a gym that is amazing and wish it was my local one back home. Gyms in America, Canada and even in the UK all have fantastic equipment that you could only wish for in your local gym back home.  Fortunately for us in Essex we don't need to worry about this problem because in Danbury there is such a gym filled with iron, equipment and nothing but gains to be made....

Xtreme Muscle Gym

Located in Danbury along Well Lane there is a gym called Xtreme Muscle and from the moment you walk in, you will feel like it's home especially if you love lifting weights. If you've ever seen the documentary 'Pumping Iron' starring the old school bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Lou Ferrigno you will know exactly what I mean when I call Xtreme Muscle 'home'. The music blares which gives you the motivation to muster up the courage to put on an extra plate on an Olympic bar and everyone is friendly enough to give you a spot should you require one.

Nothin' But Iron

The gym literally has everything you need from Olympic Barbells, Dumbbells to Plate loaded and Isolation machines. It covers all bases of training whether you are a power lifter or trying to get ready for a competition. Speaking of which, decorated on the walls are motivational pictures of athletes from all walks of the fitness industry. On one side there are athletes who have competed in Miami Pro and UKBFF competitions and on the other side the likes of Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman are flexing their muscles. If this wasn't enough motivation, there are also televisions showing other documentaries such as Generation Iron to give you that extra boost!

Gym Setup

If you love lifting weights then this gym is for you, it's that simple. There is an abundance of benches, dumbbells, barbells and plates which means you're never left waiting to use something. It's never overly busy either so you can get in and get out without having to take long extended rest periods in between sets. There is a refreshment area that allows you to purchase water, protein shakes and pre workout supplements to enhance your training sessions. Changing room facilities and showers are also present and available to use in the gym. All I would say iss if you are training this time of year, you might want a hoody or sweater with you to warm up in, it gets a lil' chilly ;)

First timers get their first session free and other one off sessions are just £5 a time. Membership prices are very reasonable and beats the likes of commercial chains like Virgin and David Lloyd hands down. This gym isn't just for bodybuilding as it does offer cardio machines and boxing classes if you wish to explore that type of training. There is basically something for everybody so don't feel like you won't fit in if you want to think outside the box with your training.

Finally, here are some images of the gym and some of the famous, inspiring athletes they have had come to visit them. Yes that is Phil Heath ;)

Xtreme Muscle Phil Heath

Weights AreaWeights Area

If you live close by, need some extra motivation or are just dropping by in the area, check this gym out, you will not be disappointed. If Phil Heath and the likes of can train in this gym so can you!! Enjoy :)

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