Want A True Representation Of Fat Loss : Measure Waist Circumference

Fat loss is a long process, but I can think of few things more rewarding than seeing the first vein protruding from the skin, or the appearance of the first muscle striation (muscle ‘cut’), followed by the much sought after 6-pack! The thing with pursuing this is that the more fat you lose the harder it gets, so someone with 7kg to strip off should find weight loss sets off at a rapid pace only to plateau after a few weeks maybe. Conversely someone with say 1-2kg body fat to lose may find that they train religiously without seeing much in the way of results, until say 2-3 weeks down the line, when all of a sudden they will see one or two of those abs poking through. The body has its limits, there is a physiological threshold or barrier, and the nearer you get to this threshold the harder it gets to fine tune. Look at your body like a sports car, the nearer it is to perfection, the harder it is to improve i.e. get that extra 2-3mph out of the engine…well your body is much the same!

Weighing scales OR Waist circumference

So in your pursuit of tone and definition, should you worry about your ‘weight’ according to the scales, or would you better served focusing on your waist circumference? In my opinion both methods have their merits, but in terms of gauging absolute fat loss without feeling demoralised at plateaus and the likes of I think waist circumference pips it. Weighing scales are indiscriminate in that they only indicate total weight without differentiating between fat mass and lean mass (muscle). Consequently a person making great gains in terms of depositing muscle whilst burning fat may not necessarily see any difference in weight; this is because of the inverse relationship between lean mass accretions relative to fat mass i.e. as lean mass goes up, fat mass goes down.

Waist circumference

So how do you get around this, what appears to be, demoralising plateau in weight loss…take a waist circumference! A waist circumference will give a truer representation of fat loss irrespective of total body weight. This is because body fat will mostly go from the abdomen first shortly followed by the back (love handle). So if you want an idea of fat loss without the need for real scientific anthropometric measurements such as skin fold measurements, then get a tape measure and measure around your abdomen placing the tape on the widest point, usually so that it passes over your belly button.

Stripping that stubborn layer of fat

As mentioned above, the less fat you have the harder it is to get rid of, this is where supplements come in. Consider a fat metaboliser such as Grenade Thermo Detonator, Maximuscle Thermobol or USN Xedra- Cut XT and combine these with a calorie controlled diet and regular physical activity (minimum of 30mins per day) to strip off that excess body fat.

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