The Ultimate Beach Body Workout For Summer

With the Summer weather approaching it is only right we release an Ultimate Beach Body workout which is going to have both you ladies and gents looking amazing for the shirtless weather! When you picture the warm weather, guys will be topless with great abs and the ladies will be looking toned and enjoying being in their bikinis! Whether you at at the beach, in your park or just in the back garden, here is everything you need to know about looking great this summer and how to live it up to your maximum...


What you eat and the choices you make is key in achieving a great body, you all should know this by now, snacking on crisps, chocolate and other sugary, fatty foods isn't going to give you the body you desire. So suck it up now, stay strict and disciplined so that in the Summer you can enjoy these foods without feeling bad for it. Come on, let's be honest, one ice cream on a sunny day isn't going to do much harm so you will have something to look forward too in a few months time. For now though, keep it healthy and stay focused on what you want to achieve. Operation 'Beach Body' doesn't happen over night or in a week, you have to work at it for a while so knuckle down on the nutrition side of things while there is still time :)


Along with your nutrition you should be making sure you meet your requirements for protein so that you look after your muscles. Your muscles number one source of nutrient is protein so if you aren't getting enough of it through your diet, make sure you are supplementing with a whey protein shake so that your requirements are met. Why whey protein? Well, whey is fast absorbing and it is an acidic formula which means once it reaches your stomach it is easily digested and can be utilised by the muscles for re building. Ladies, don't be scared, whey protein won't turn you into a bodybuilder so this stuff can be used by yourselves too. Remember protein helps tone the muscles just as much as it helps build them, use a protein supplement such as whey which is high in protein and low in carbohydrates/calories.

Working Out

When it comes to the fun stuff, working out should be nothing but FUN! If you don't love working out or you are finding it a chore then you need to mix up what you are doing otherwise you will get bored and lose interest. So, the easiest way to keep it fun is by including different types of exercises into your workout plan. HERE IT IS

The Ladies Routine - Perform 20 reps of everything 

Dumbbell Chest Press and Barbell Bent Over Row

KettleBell Squat and Box Jumps

Barbell Shoulder Press and Walking Dumbbell Lunges

Burpees and Swissball Ab Crunch

Treadmill 400M Run 

REPEAT 3X with 2-3 mins rest in between each round. 

The Guy Routine performing 20 reps of everything

Bench Press and Deadlift with Olympic Barbell

Squat and Lunge with Barbell

Barbell Bicep Curl with Dips

Shoulder Press with Leg Raises

500M Row

REPEAT 3X with 2-3 mins rest 

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