Get Your Ultimate Six Pack With This Ultimate Abs Workout...

A great physique is nothing without a great set of abs which will get people's heads to turn and ask you how you did it. Now, we all know what we eat is really important when it comes to your abdominal area as it is a common place for fat storage. So paying attention to what foods you eat and what you have to drink is integral to obtaining ultimate abs, but this isn't the only thing to concentrate on. You might have heard of the sayings, ''abs are made in the kitchen'' or ''abs are 70% diet and 30% gym''. Although I think these are right to some extent, I actually believe it should be 100% diet and 100% gym because without either at 100% you won't be reaching ultimate abs status. So let's take this further...

The Abs

Your mid section is split up into three different muscles, rectus abdominus (six pack area), transverse abdominus (inner core) and your obliques (side muscles). I think it is always good to know exactly what you are working on so that you can really zone in and create a mind muscle connection throughout your workout. On a side note, this is something else we perhaps don't do enough and that is to forget what else is going on in our lives when we workout. When it comes to this ultimate abs workout you need to make sure your mind is only on this workout and nothing else to see the full benefits.

The Workout

This workout focuses on one exercise per section of the mid section so we have got each base covered. You will perform 5 sets in total which will have 3 exercises of 20 reps per exercise. 60 reps will complete one set and then you will give yourself 2-3 minutes rest before moving onto the next set. When working your ab muscles it is important that you squeeze these just like other muscle groups, they need the same amount of care and attention.

Your Exercises 

Hanging Leg Raises - Hang from a straight bar and simply raise your legs up above your head touching the bar you are holding onto. There are some variations to this if you find this too difficult. You can raise your legs just to hip level which would illustrate a 90 degree angle. To make it easier you can simply lift with your knees instead of straight legs. To make it even easier for those of you that are new to this, try performing your leg raises on the floor, laying down on a mat. However you choose to do them, stick with what is best for you body type and level.

Rope Crunches - Attaching a rope that you would usually use for your triceps is another way of targeting your abs. Instead of performing a triceps exercise, you are going to kneel before the rope and hold onto with your hands. From this position you will crunch from top to bottom bringing your elbows down to your knees. Keep your hands where they are and only crunch through the abs and not your shoulders or arms.

Cable Twists - Attach a handle to the cable machine and position it so that it is shoulder height. Stand with a split stance and make sure you are side on to the cable machine. Grab the handle with both hands so that the arm furthest from the machine is now across your body. Simply twist into the movement so that it hits your sides of your abs. This is a great exercise for the obliques, so make sure you keep it controlled and feel the movement.

Session Complete... 5 sets and a total of 300 reps on those stomach muscles... BOOM!

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