Your Ultimate Shoulder And Tricep Workout...

One of my favourite sessions is a shoulder workout, especially coupled together with working the triceps as it makes it that little bit harder. So in this post on ultimate workouts you will be focusing on one exercise for your shoulders and one for your triceps but with a twist, both exercises are performed as a horrible super set. When I say horrible, I mean, it is going to leave you wishing you'd done a different workout because this one is going to HURT (in a good way). Let's take a look at what you will be doing....

The Shoulder Exercise 

One of the best exercises for your shoulders is lifting with an Olympic bar, performing over the head presses. Start with the bar at should height or on the floor with your bar loaded with the weight you will be lifting for 15 repetitions. Yes, you read that right, you are going to be hitting 15 reps on this exercise. The shoulder press with the bar is a great compound exercise which is going to help grow those shoulders of yours. Make sure you are keeping your core tight which will help lock in your lower back and prevent you pushing through your hips. Have an overhand grip and keep the grip just wide of shoulder width to keep emphasis on the shoulders and not anywhere else.

Triceps Exercise 

What better exercise can I give you for triceps than an isolated, concentrated, dumbbell kickback on a bench which is going to leave those arms burning. Use two dumbbells and begin the movement laying on the bench with your arms in the air, knuckles facing outwards. Every rep consists of you flexing at your elbow joint which is going to lower the weights to your face, ideally you want them to fall towards your shoulders. Keep your elbows locked and them facing inwards so that you keep tension on your triceps at all times. As you tire you may notice they flare out to the sides, keep them tucked in for a more efficient workout no matter how hard it gets. You will perform 15 repetitions of this exercise too straight after the overhead presses.

How Much Weight? 

Because this is high volume and you will be performing 10 sets, the weight you are using is really important. Your overhead presses will be 80-100% of your total body weight and your triceps kickbacks will be 2 dumbbells that you feel work you hard enough for 15 reps.


High volume workouts like this one can mean you tire quicker than normal because of the increased intensity. Making sure you eat right is really important and a little helping supplement like Beta Alanine which can be found in our pre workout supplements might help you last longer. Beta Alanine for those of you that don't know is a lactic acid buffer which results in your muscles being able to contract for longer periods of time. Seeing as though you are going to be performing a minimum of 300 repetitions, something which can help reduce the amount of lactic acid is going to be of use to you.

Good luck with this workout and let me know how you got on by leaving a comment below....



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