The Ultimate SuperSet That Will Do One Thing... Make You GROW!!

Whether you are new to training or have been going at it for quite some time now, this ultimate superset movement is for you and will help you grow! Training can sometimes be boring in a sense that you are constantly doing the same stuff, so these two exercises are going to really shake everything up for you. If you are looking for something new to do and give yourself a challenge with it, then carry on reading...

The Superset

A great superset to perform is the chest and back split using a bench and bent over row routine. Ideally you want to use the Olympic barbells for both, however you can mix it up by using dumbbells too. The two movements you are going to perform are chest press and bent over row (incase you hadn't guessed already.) This workout doesn't follow a normal 3 sets of 10, or any other traditional format for that matter. This is a workout that is going to leave you feeling gassed and like you literally can't do anymore. This workout will get your heart rate up, build strength, help you grow and is awesome!

The Workout

Like I mentioned above this is a workout unlike anything else you have done before, this requires heart and motivation above all else. Make sure you warm up properly and then hit it hard. Set up a barbell for your bent over rows which targets your back muscles and load a barbell for your bench press that will hit your chest muscles. The sequence you perform will simply be 1 rep of bent over rows followed by 1 rep of bench press, rest and go again for 2 reps of each. After 2 reps of each you will then perform 3, 4, 5 and so on until you reach 20 repetitions of bent over rows and bench press.

Get Pumped

This workout is going to seem easy at the start when you are only doing minimal repetitions, don't let this fool you though as it will get harder and when it does you need to be ready. I'd certainly recommend using a pre workout supplement before taking on this mammoth workout, when you are at that 15 rep range you will be glad you took something to help you.

Work Through It

At some point in this superset you are going to come to a point where you literally feel like you can't do another rep, it's going to really test you. When you reach a brick wall in this session (when you literally feel as though you can't get another rep) take a breather for 10 seconds and go back at it again. Mini rest, pause sets are fine to include with your training when it comes to this style of training, promise yourself though that you will work through it no matter how hard it gets.

Be sure to have your protein shake immediately after to enhance your results and then follow this up with a solid meal an hour later.

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