Understanding Your Shoulder And Relieving Any Pain

Did you know your shoulder is not just made up of deltoid muscles and incorporates smaller, intricate muscles called the rotator cuff muscles. There are four in total and they all help support and influence different actions you may perform in everyday life and whilst in the gym.  Do you sometimes experience shoulder pain after a heavy chest session? Do you sometimes find when you go to sleep you have a small niggle of pain in the shoulder? These are signs of possible rotator cuff problems and you should address them now to prevent further injury.

T he four rotator cuff muscles are supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis. All four muscles sit around your scapula and attach to the humerus bone. These are very common muscles to injure and most people who lift heavy on chest or perform daily overhead tasks/throwing activities usually suffer.

If you are feel as though you have an impingement or a constant niggle in this area be sure to get it looked out before injuring it further :)

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