The Upper Body SuperSet Workout Gives You Great Abs....

When you think about it, summer will soon be upon us and those 'Summer Bodies' need to be in check before the nice weather hits us and you go on holiday. Don't wait until the summer to get the body you want to have, start now so that you stop yourself from going on any crash diets or crazy training plans where you basically live in the gym. Guess what, you don't need to do thousands of sits ups and endless work on the treadmill either to get the body you have always dreamed of. You can keep your workouts fun by performing various styles of training and in this post it's all about 'superserts' to give you great abs....

Superset Training

What does superset training mean? Well quite simply it means you perform one exercise and then without rest go straight into another exercise before resting. This style of training means you can burn more fat and build muscle effectively because of the extra tension you're putting your body through. So, therefore this is perfect for wanting to lose a bit of bodyfat but at the same time remain muscular and aesthetic looking without losing the muscle you have gained.

Upper Body Superset

An upper body superset is going to really work your body and get those muscles pumping like never bored, the only thing you might need to do is adjust the weights you use. The reason being for this is that you won't be used to going from one weight immediately to another without rest and this could impact on your strength when lifting. So, make sure you have the correct weights set up for what you are about to do, remember to leave the ego at the door and lift what you can, weight is just a number and nothing else!


You can superset any of your workouts together but here is one I put together earlier so why not give it a try. Each set you will perform 12 reps and remember you are going from one exercise straight into another without resting. Try to do 3 sets of each exercise within the superset which will total it up to 6 sets. Here goes....

Bench Press W/ Dumbbell Fly - 12 reps each

Shoulder press W Dumbbell Side Raise - 12 reps each

Bent Over Row W/ Bicep Curl - 12 reps each

Dips W/ Rear Delt Pull - 12 reps each 

Pulls ups W/ Tricep Pull downs - 12 reps each 


This session is likely to take a lot out of you, therefore what you do in your recovery phase is important for muscle repair, growth and strength. Be sure to consume your whey protein shake after your workout and get a good meal in you about an hour later that will replenish your energy levels.

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