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If you are increasing your intensity during training but feel as though you don't have the necessary gas to complete final reps, you might be missing out on the physique you want to see. What you eat around your workouts is crucial for development, we know this but what about what you do during your workouts? Your workouts are key for developing your body also, as there has to be a stimulus in order for your muscles to adapt and grow. Do you use anything when you workout? Do you take multiple trips to the water fountain? Or do you use other supplements to help keep you going? Here are some tips that might help you push out a few more reps...

Carbohydrate Blend

First things first is to get a water bottle of some sort so that you aren't continuously going over to the water fountain. With your bottle you now have the possibilities of filling it up with some good stuff that could potentially enhance your workouts, sounds good right? the first idea which springs to mind is using a carbohydrate blend during your training which is ultimately going to be used as an extra energy source. Most of you will have eaten something pre workout, maybe an hour before you exercise that is made up of protein, fat and carbohydrates. If you are performing some heavy lifts or cardiovascular based exercises it might be beneficial to you using a carbohydrate blend which is going to give you added energy. These blends usually contain electrolytes too which will help keep you hydrated and focused.


Using your BCAAs intra workout can help prevent catabolism and increase muscle protein synthesis, according to top professor Luc Van Loon from the Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI). Leucine is the main ingredient within a BCAA formula and this has direct links to the muscle. It is the main building block of protein which is going to increase your strength output when performing a squat, deadlift or bench press in the gym. Branched Chained Amino Acids are a definite and you should be using these pre, during and post workout for maximal results.

Beta Alanine

The current buzz word supplement which is taking the world by storm is Beta Alanine and this could really help you improve performance, endurance and strength. Developed for it's aerobic abilities, beta alanine puts your bodies blood Ph into an alkaline state which reduces the rate at which lactic acid is formed. It is a lactic acid buffer that can help keep your muscles contracting for longer periods of time. Clearly using a beta alanine supplement is going to help you last longer during workouts and increase your output whilst exercising.

Try using these supplements which will help raise your game and take you to the next level. Supplements are a minor part of the game, but if you neglect all help which they can provide, sooner or later you will plateau. Give them a try and watch your workouts transform.

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