Valentine's Day Exercise: The Best Sex Positions For An Intense Workout

Sex is a great substitute or addition to your usual workout routine this evening! Firstly, the imaginative positions you get yourselves into burn calories. Even missionary will give your abs and legs a brilliant workout. Secondly, because you are enjoying the intimacy, you are more likely to continue with exercise that you might give up on if you weren't enjoying yourself as much! Not only will you be improving your endurance (hopefully) but you will be benefiting from a full body muscular workout if you are feeling imaginative. The repetition and movement of sex causes muscles to contract and release continuously which is the very same thing you are striving for with reps and sets in the gym!

Here are some positions to get yourself into which are beneficial to both partners:


It may seem an extremely obvious choice and an easy workout, but the effectiveness of this position as a workout really depends on how enthusiastic you are!

Men: This position puts you in what I like to call a powered up plank position. You are already engaging your arms, core and legs just to hold you in position so the thrusting movement adds to the intensity of this workout engaging the lower back, hip flexors, abs and glutes with each thrust.

Women: Yes, you could just lay back and enjoy all of his hard work but it’s Valentine’s Day and that at least deserves a little more effort and enthusiasm! Pushing back against your man’s thrusts is a great way to work out your core! If you want to change the angle of entry you can tip your pelvis up to meet his thrusts which will involve a lot of glute clenching!

Doggy Style

It isn’t the most romantic of positions, but it is a damn good workout for everyone involved!

Men: With each thrust you will be working your core, with the added resistance of your lady pushing back against you. Again, the glutes and hip flexors will get a great workout and you can utilise your arms by holding onto your partner and pulling her towards you.

Women: Core stability and enduring arm strength are important in holding this position for an extended period of time. Add to this the fact that you will be tensing your glutes and quads to brace yourself against your partners thrust and you practically have yourself a full body workout!

You can change this workout to engage more or less muscle groups by manipulating the position. Going easy for a while is better than stopping, think of it as active recovery until you are ready to go full out again Wink. Standing, combining standing and kneeling or laying down for a while (still having sex obviously) are all great ways to change things up for a few minutes.

Crouched Cow Girl

The crouched cow girl is a more difficult position than regular cow girl! The woman balances her weight on her feet instead of her knees and in doing so changes the angle of entry as well as the amount of work you are both doing!

Men: Similar to what I said to the women for missionary, enthusiasm is required. Though it is tempting, laying back and enjoying your lady doing all the work is not the way to work up a sweat. Supporting her weight under the top of her thighs or glutes will exercise your arms while you have a nice intimate feel of her at the same time. Meeting her rhythm by continuing to thrust from underneath her will keep your ab workout going too.

Women: To keep going in this position for an extended period of time requires thighs of steel as well as core stability! To make it more challenging try not using your arms to balance yourself. Please do not try this if you are not stable in this position, it may result in injury Undecided.


Prepare for some hardcore strength and endurance training in this position!

Men: By supporting your partners entire bodyweight from a standing position, you are immediately heading towards a full body workout. Combining this with the momentum that you need to produce and you have yourself a challenging workout for your arms, back, abs and legs,

Women: You cannot expect your man to hold you in this position by himself. Supporting your own bodyweight with your arms around his neck/shoulders and wrapping your legs around him will help him out and turn this position into a full body workout for both of you. Initiating movement and using your core to balance yourself are important skills to utilise here.


Men: For you this is a similar workout to doggy style although she may require more assistance to maintain this position.

Women: Flexibility and strength is required in abundance. If you are unsure that you can hold this position, placing pillows underneath your back for support will help you to avoid injury while maintaining a good workout level. This is a total full body workout for a woman. It involves supporting your own weight on all four limbs while pushing your abdomen towards the ceiling. Your core strength will be necessary to maintain balance and your lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves will be heavily involved in bracing you every time he thrusts.

You may also find that you can effectively bring the gym to your bedroom. Implementing the use of gym balls and/or resistance bands can make for an even better workout. Plus it is a lot of fun! I wouldn’t recommend this with a new partner though...

Oh, and don’t forget foreplay. It is great for burning extra calories ;)



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