Vary Your Fitness Equipment To Achieve A New You

Many of you who exercise regularly will hopefully change your workouts and the different exercises you perform. You will do this to keep your workouts fun and work your muscles effectively. How many of you however vary your fitness equipment to see different results? Do you always stick with a barbell? Do you include dumbbells? Have you thought about introducing kettlebells or TRX ropes? Vipr classes are becoming more popular within the fitness industry, why not try them? There are lots of different pieces of fitness equipment which will target different muscles and increase intensity and most of all keep the sessions fun.

Why Use Different Equipment

Essentially you want to change your fitness equipment so that you know you are working the muscle effectively and to its maximum. After all, if weight loss or muscle growth is a goal of yours then this is an essential part of your training routine. By making sure you work the muscle effectively you know you will see results, along with a good nutrition plan of course. Varying the equipment you use however could be the missing link you need to stimulate your muscles. Think about it like this, if you constantly use a barbell for bench press, how do you know you aren't developing imbalances within your muscles? How do you know you aren't pushing more with one arm than the other? Are you stronger on one side? All things you should consider and therefore by switching your items in your arsenal you will achieve greater results.

KettleBell Training

Pretty much every gym nowadays has sets of kettlebells and these are great for developing functional, core strength. You can perform and replicate most exercises you would usually perform with a barbell or dumbbell. For instance you can still perform a chest press, shoulder press, squat and bent over row to name but a few and really work the muscles. Kettlebells can be used singularly so you can really concentrate on any weaknesses you have.

TRX Ropes

These ropes are usually hanging from a frame and are yellow in colour. You have probably seen them but haven't realised how or why they could be of benefit to your session, well think again!! These bands are great for body weight resistance exercises such as ab work or warm up exercises for different body parts you are going to train. You could also use TRX ropes as finisher exercises after a gruesome workout you put yourself through. For instance, standing body weight chest flies after a chest session will really work the chest muscles to their max. If you need help getting started, speak to one of the trainers within your gym and they will be able to show you different exercises.


Long tubes of pure greatness is what Viper training represents. How many of you have seen viper equipment? Usually dark green in colour and are great, functional pieces of equipment. The best way of describing them is as large pieces of tubing with two slots on the top to place your hands in. The word itself which is pronounced 'viper' stands for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning. These classes are all about functionality, stability, core strength and enhancing your overall performance.

The Outcome

Switching your routine and trying new things can be a snag and a nuisance when all you want to do is get in, do what you have to do and then get out. But using different methods to achieve your final goal is what it is all about and for many of you staying healthy and fit is your goal. Therefore trialing different training methods is going to work your body in different ways and certainly improve overall fitness, strength and muscle tone. You may also find that when you go back to a session using your barbell you might even be stronger, so it acts as a good measure to see how your body has reacted to other exercises.

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