Vary Your Grips When Working Your Back Muscles


Training back has to be one of my favourite body parts, alongside legs and it requires a lot of heart with effort to get through every intense session. There are lots of different exercises you can use to work your back muscles but in this post we are going to focus on your grip and how changing this can work slightly different angles. If you consistently work the same way your body is going to get used to it, so let's switch it up by switching your grip and getting a better physique....

The Grips

Your grips that you use when performing each exercise will affect the muscles you are working and therefore increase the rate at which your body is working. Mixing up your grip is going to keep your muscles guessing and this should mean you are likely to see more of a change in your body. Underhand, overhand and suicide grips when it comes to pulling movements all help develop your physique in a good way.

What Works Best

Overhand grip is more commonly seen than underhand grip but they both play integral parts in growing a thick, wide back! Wide grips for lat pull down, pulls ups and bent over rows are really going to work the thickness and width, giving you that V taper that you might want to get. Underhand grips for rows, lat pull down and pull ups will work the middle and lower parts of your back, increasing thickness outwards and not focusing on width. Suicide grips help work the forearms and will improve your grip as it makes the exercise much harder.

Make The Switch

If you always perform overhand grip and have never really gone for underhand, it is time to make the switch and watch your body respond in a great way. The difference you will notice is that it targets a slightly different area than what you are used to and this is good thing for your body. The only time you will opt for a mixed grip is when you include deadlifts in your routine as lifting the bar this way helps support your grip and gives you a few extra repetitions.

Next time you workout your back, alternate your grip from what you would usually do with something else. Pay attention to the muscles you are working and see the difference it has made.

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