VAT Update

As you might have heard, the government was threatening to introduce a controversial 20% VAT tax on sports nutrition drinks including whey protein and creatine powder.

Despite our unified attempts to steer them away from taxing good health, the Chancellor of the Exchequer decided to go ahead with it anyway!

This decision, which comes in to effect on the 1st October 2012, will impact on us retailers directly, and the implications of this will inevitably ripple out to the health conscious consumer.

Still...we find ourselves in this position regardless. Therefore our priority right now is to absorb as much of this impact as possible, whilst maintaining our focus on delivering the best quality products on the market, and at the cheapest prices out there! We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, we strive to keep you informed at all costs, and we endeavour to do this irrespective of these recent events!

Our first bit of advice to our loyal customers……get your orders in now guys, October will soon be upon us!

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As always we wish you all the best in health!


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