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vegan supplements

Veganism: The abstinence of consuming animal products of any kind in the diet.
Avoiding all animal products in the diet be it for dietary, ethical or even environmental reasons, is a growing trend.

Many people feel strongly against the consumption of any foodstuff derived from an animal including meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal derivatives such as gelatin and fish oils to name a few.

Veganism is entirely personal, some people avoid animal derived produce for the ethical and moral principle, whilst some people are repulsed by the thought of eating an animal sourced foodstuff.

Whatever the reason, it is important that you can consume a vegan nutrition supplement with confidence. For this reason you can now search for your specific supplement in a designated vegan category, knowing that any product within this category is deemed suitable for a vegan.

Such is the case with anything though, we always recommend that you check the ingredients list for your own assurance prior to purchase and consumption.

People of specific faiths, including Halal and Kosher can generally consume vegan supplements with relative confidence thanks to the lack of animal products and/or derivatives.


 Vegan Protein & Supplements


Vegan Sport SupplementsON Creatine


Protein Bars

Amino Acids

Energy Endurance

Creatinereflex vegan protein

Isotonic & Hydration


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Vegan Health & Wellbeing

Protein & Meal Replacement shakes (MRP) pulsin pea protein

Health Foods & Drinks


Digestive Aids

Vitamins & Minerals

Cardiovascular Support

Superfoodpulsin bars



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Vegan Weight ManagementHealth Aid coffee slim

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree

PhD Nutrition Lean Degree Non- Stim

Optimum Health Citrin 500

Optima Lecithin Granules

Health Aid CoffeeSlim

Optimum Health Green Tea Extract

Health Aid Green Tea ExtractHealth Aid green tea


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vegan supplements

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