Your Vegetarian Supplement Category Is READY!

Peace of mind is everything when you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

You made a decision to avoid meat and satisfy your nutritional requirements via plant based foods, so we want to cater to exactly what YOU want. Whether you are lacto vegetarian (also consumes dairy), lacto-ovo vegetarian (consumes dairy and eggs), or prefer to be an outright vegan, you can now go directly to our full range of vegetarian or vegan nutrition supplements.

The vegetarian consumers among us will tell you that supplementing as a vegetarian can be a bit of a minefield. Terms such as ‘manufactured in a warehouse that handles’ or ‘contains gelatin’ can make the decision making process a stressful and unnerving one at best.

Good news! We have had manufacturer assurances that every product in this category meets the criteria for ‘suitable for vegetarian’ categorisation.

Needless to say, we always recommend that you check the ingredients list for your own assurance prior to purchase and consumption though.

So what’s holding you back now?

Go check out some vegetarian products:


 Vegetarian Protein & Supplements


Vegetarian Sport Supplements

Amino energy


Protein Bars

Amino Acids & BCAAs

Pre- Workout

Weight Gainers

Energy & Endurance


All in Ones

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Vegetarian Health & Wellbeing

Ultimate milk

Protein & Meal Replacement Shakes (MRP) 

Health Foods & Drinks


Digestive Aids

Vitamins & Minerals

Cardiovascular Support

Eye Support 

Immune SupportHealth Aid Digestion Plus





Vegetarian Weight Management

Weight Management ShakesDiet whey

Fat Loss Supplements


Top Sellers

PhD Nutrition Diet Whey

Optimum Health Diet Protein

Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey

ON Lean Whey


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