Warrior Crunch Bars - Product Review

Protein bars are a great idea aren’t they? What could be better than munching on a high protein, tasty snack that helps you get closer to your goals!

Well today we’ve reviewed a bit of a treat, it’s the Warrior Crunch!

This is a high protein, high taste yet low in sugar protein bar, ideal for the modern fitness enthusiast who wants it all from their protein bar!

Here we have a bar that:

  • Is made using quality ingredients
  • Has an indulgent taste & texture
  • Contributes to muscular growth and repair

The bar currently comes in one flavour and that flavour is pretty special...it’s Salted Caramel.

Taste & Texture

Warrior Crunch Bars

The Warrior Crunch is a triple layered bar and as soon as you bite into it you feel as though you’re eating a classic chocolate bar, yet it’s a protein packed, silky chocolate, cocoa crispie, salted caramel flavoured dream.

We sampled these ourselves and were impressed, but the real success was when we sampled the bars to some family members, who are ‘regular’ people who don’t work out and are certainly not overly keen on trying a ‘protein bar’ (which are known for not being great tasting but fitness folk have tended to put up with that, right?)

But, they loved them!

So if regular people like the Warrior Crunch, it’s safe to say that they’ve done something right here...good work Warrior!


Warrior have used some great ingredients in these Crunch bars, focusing on ingredients that deliver maximum bang for your buck, yet not compromising on taste. With the ingredients mainly being Milk sourced, you know that the amino acid profile is going to be great, which makes sense given the protein is so high - 20g per 64g bar.

Even the Chocolate coating is Malitol Milk Chocolate, a unique form of chocolate that is very low sugar, yet still tastes as good as any other.

Product Highlights

Warrior Crunch Bars

  • 20g+ of protein per 64g bar
  • Great tasting triple layered protein bar
  • Just 2.3g of impact carbs
  • Perfect high protein snack

Warrior Crunch Conclusion

As you can probably guess, we like this bar and it’s one to check out for sure.

Taste, quality ingredients and cool packaging it’s an easy choice to make!

Get yours today here, keep a few at home, at work and maybe even a few in the gym bag!


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