The Best Ways To Improve Your Recovery Post Workout


We all know how it feels after a grueling workout to be in pieces especially after a leg day or back workout which literally has you feeling like you can't walk. The most important thing after a workout is your recovery phase which is sometimes forgotten about as the emphasis is placed more on what you do before your workout. Why is your recovery phase of your training so important? Well, let's explore this now....

Recovery Phase

Like I have already mentioned above, most of us focus more on what we need to do before our workout rather than after. For instance, many of you will make sure you get enough food in you before a workout and take your pre workout supplement to help increase performance and energy levels. But what about post workout, what do you do then? Some of you will instantly think about your post workout protein shakes and meals but is there anything else you can take or do/use to increase your recovery, the answer is yes.

Quicker recovery times means better workouts when you next workout and it also means a more tuned in physique. Better recoveries means less aches and pains and increased chances of you reaching your end goal much quicker.

Protein Shakes

A great supplement to use after your workout is to drink a protein shake which is full of proteins and amino acids which act as building blocks of protein for your muscles. They are basically your repairmen and go straight to work in re building your torn muscle fibres which will have occurred during your session. Without protein your muscles won't grow and the recovery will be very slow. Opting for a protein shake which is naturally high in amino acids are ones to choose.

There are other supplements you can add to your protein shake which will increase your recovery period such as glutamine and creatine. Both of these come as unflavoured and you won't even notice them in your shake but you will benefit from the effects of these supplements.

Light Recovery Days

Gently training the muscles you have recently worked will promote better recovery as it allows a boost of bloodflow to the area you have trained which accelerates the nutrients to this area. More proteins and aminos to this area will help you recover quicker!

Foam Roller

Hit the foam roller when your muscles feel tight and knotted as this will help iron them out. Simply roll over tight areas and pause on these areas where you feel more pressure needs to be applied. Use a foam roller a few times a day to increase flexibility and recovery in your muscles.

Ice Baths

Jump into an ice bath if you are sore from a workout as this will help reduce the soreness and doms. After a run or tough leg session soak your legs for 10 mins and then get out.


Using a supplement which is high in zinc and magnesium will help with recovery especially because the properties of magnesium are so important for muscle recovery.

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