The Many Ways This Spray Can Benefit You....

Did you know that Magnesium has a wide range of health benefits which will help you when on your journey in leading a better and healthier lifestyle. Using magnesium chloride and other trace minerals in a spray can be absorbed by the skin and directly into the cells to work right away. How can a spray help you, well let's explore some of the ways this type of product is going to help if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Sore Muscles / Stiff Joints

Magnesium causes muscles to relax and so if you are experience post training DOMS (delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and stiffness around your joints, spraying this can help reduce the tension and stress you are feeling.


Again this spray can help calm the nervous system and help to relax skeletal muscle. Why is this important? Well, magnesium can help if you suffer with stress, worry and anxiety which then effects your sleeping patterns.


Because the spray is directly used on the skin it's absorption rate is incredibly fast and will help get to working on relaxing and calming you ready for sleep. Spraying this 30 minutes before bed whilst relaxing is going to send you off into a good sleep. A little tip, spraying this into the back of your knees is a fast absorption point ;)


So magnesium is also responsible for the absorption of calcium and without it in your blood it could mean that the calcium can settle as soft tissue around your joints which over time can turn into spurs. These can be quite painful and cause other problems around the joints and bones. This means that magnesium is very important for those that do high impact sports and are looking to recover quicker from injury.

Oral Hygiene 

Magnesium can be used as part of your oral hygiene process enhancing gum protection and increase strengthening your teeth by using this as a mouthwash and spitting it out after a few minutes.


Proven to be an effective remedy in the treatment of migraines when rubbed into the temples. This is because it can relax the temporal arteries and help keep everything calm for you.


So there you have it, over 5 ways which magnesium oil can help you around your busy lifestyle. If you frequently train and experience soreness in your muscles this product is for you to use. If you suffer with stiffness in your joints when you sit for long periods of time then this can help you again. All you need is a maximum of 10 sprays morning and night in certain areas of the body and you will reach optimal levels of magnesium. If you are using it for the first time you might notice a slight tingling sensation but should ease off after a while. If you are using it for performance reasons when you start using this you are simply welcoming quicker recovery times and better workouts ;)

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